Some of your past donations may not show up in your WinRed account's donation history. This is either because you made the donation before you created your WinRed account or you were not logged into your WinRed account while making the donation.

Note: For more information on where your donation goes, click here. For instructions on how to review your donation history in your WinRed donor account, click here.

You can now reclaim your donation history with a few easy steps.

To do this, head over to our Reclaim Account Form. Enter your email address and click reclaim.

Check your email for a secure link to your temporary account, where you can now see your donation history and create a password so you can have an account for the future. 

Not sure if a donation went through?

If you're not sure if your donation went through, please reach out to our support team by clicking the red chat box with your name, WinRed account email, the organization you donated to, and the amount you donated, and we will verify it for you! You can also email us at or contact us by phone at +1 855-922-1776

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