Note: These instructions are for Power Portal Users only. If you are not a power portal user, please contact our support team at and someone can assist you with customizing your reports. 

Creating a Custom Payout Report for WinRed: 

While in your WinRed account, click on the Return to Revv button on the top right hand corner of your screen: 

Afterward, head to the Utilities tab, and select Reports. 

Generate a payouts report by clicking on the green plus arrow and selecting Payouts, this is located about half way down the drop down menu. 

After naming your report and adding any emails to the recipients list that you would like this report to be sent to,  you can format custom fields in your report by heading to Report Format. 

By clicking on the green plus sign, you are able to add the fields you would like to display in your report. 

Afterward, toggle the report to Active & hit Save.  After you run your report, a .csv will be sent to your email.  

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