A payout is a transfer of funds from WinRed to your committee. WinRed creates a payout for each day your committee has a transaction (donation, refund, dispute). This payout batches the transactions for that day and then automatically transfers the funds to your bank account using a process called ACH about 2-3 business days later. 

Your compliance officer can download a report for each payout that contains everything they need to report conduit donations.

Downloading a Report

We will automatically send your account owner a report every time a payout is issued for your committee. 

You can also download this report by clicking Transactions in the navigation bar.

Find the payout you’re looking for by searching its payout ID in the search field. You can also find the payout by filtering the transactions list by type: payout

Click on the payout from the results list. 

You can now view details about the payout, including the individual transactions that make up the payout. These are located at the bottom of the page under the label Transactions.

Located at the top of your page, you can download a compliance-friendly .csv file with all of the transactions for this payout by clicking the Download button below the payout details.

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