Note: These instructions are for Power Portal Users only. If you are not a power portal user, please contact our support team at [email protected] with any accounting questions.

This article will give an overview of the Accounting section of your WinRed account. When you click the Accounting tab, you'll see several balances at the top of your screen:

Current Balance: Available soon + available to pay outĀ 

Available Soon: Sum of conduit candidates charges that are still being processedĀ 

Available to Pay Out: The amount that will be paid out on the next scheduled payout date

In Transit: The amount that has been sent to your bank, but we have not yet confirmed that it has been received

Above your balances, you'll see several tabs that separate your donations and payouts, and provide additional compliance resources:

Ledger: All of your transactions + all of your payouts that have occurred.

Transactions: All contributions that have been made on your pages. You can click the green Info button on the right side of your screen to view additional details about a specific transaction, including the source URL through which a donor made their contribution.

Payouts: All payouts that have been made. You can click the purple Info button on the right side of your screen to view additional details about a specific payout report, including individual donations and donors within that payout. You can also change the frequency of your payout by clicking the calendar icon in the top right corner and shown below.

For these three tabs above, you can click the filter or download buttons (shown below) if you'd like to, for example, download a list of all of your donations in the last month

Compliance: This fourth and final tab allows you to add various Compliance services to your account. You'll need to contact your representative for more information on this service.

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