You can update your donor account by logging into your account here. You can edit your personal information, such as credit card information, address, phone number, or employer information.

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Navigate your Donor Account
How to Update My Credit Card

How to Update My Address and Phone Number

How to Update My Occupation

Can I Update My Email?

Navigate your Donor Account

Once you are logged in, you will see a number of different tabs. Clicking into each of them will allow you to edit and update different information.

How to update my Credit Card

If you click on the Card tab, you will see your current payment method. You can change it by hitting the Edit button. Enter in your new payment information and once completed, select Save to update it!

If you are a compliance user who accidentally adds the wrong credit card to your account, reach out to us at, and our team will assist you.

How to Update my Address & Phone Number

To update your address and phone number, you will head to the Profile tab. On the left, you'll see your information, such as your name and address. There you can edit it and hit save to change it.

How to Update my Occupation

You change your Occupation and Employer on the same menu on the right-hand side of the screen under the Profile tab.

Can I update my Email?

You cannot change your email. Your email is the unique identifier for your donor account. If you'd like to use a different email, you'll need to create a new account. You can do that here.

Questions? Our team is happy to help! Click the red chatbot at the bottom right corner of your screen, and a member of our team will assist!

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