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How to import conduit donations to Crimson

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What is CMDI/Crimson

Crimson is a compliance management tool run by CMDI. The CMDI integration allows you to send WinRed donations to Crimson. We recommend reaching out to their support team for any questions you may have on importing donations from WinRed. You can contact CMDI at 1-800-878-6837 or

These instructions are only for Conduit accounts on WinRed.

If you are trying to set up an integration with Crimson, please reach out to your CMDI representative for assistance in receiving your SFTP credentials.

Set up the Integration

To use this, you must first set up the integration on WinRed and then proceed to CMDI.

Head to the Utilities tab and then the Integrations subtab, and select the green Add Ingtegation button and click CMDI


Enter a name and optional notes to the integration, then the credentials you received from your CMDI representative into their respective slots. You do not need to include the sftp:// at the beginning of the FTP address, just what comes after it.

Finally, select the report you would like to drop to your CMDI integration, we recommend using the Donations and Refunds report.

Click Save, your WinRed account is now integrated with CMDI.

Manage Donations in CMDI

Once this has been set up on WinRed, you will need to head over to CMDI.


If we can be of any assistance, the WinRed team can be reached by chatting with the chat bot on the right-hand side of your screen or emailing!

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