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Split Merchandise Donations with Other Committees
Split Merchandise Donations with Other Committees

How to leverage merchandise on a conduit donation page.

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WinRed’s zero-touch e-commerce operation allows you to leverage merchandise on your donation pages easily. Using the Conduit Merchandise feature allows you to offer merchandise on a Slate donation page.

Please Note: This feature is currently available only available for Conduit accounts and not Merchant accounts.

Table of Contents:

How to Set Up Conduit Merchandise

To add merchandise to a split page, you will need to have already set up products with our Merchandise Team. If you have not set this up yet, you can either contact your Customer Success Manager or the Merchandise Team at You can view our catalog and order products here!

If you have already set up products with our Merchandise Team, you will need to add a Merchandise Campaign to a Slate donation page. For further instructions on how to do this, click here to view the instructions on how to set up and enable a Merchandise Campaign, and here are the instructions on how to set up a Slate donation page.

How does this work?

As a qualifying donation comes in, WinRed will take the cost of the product out from the donation, with the remaining funds from the donation being split amongst the committees on the page.

If a donor does not split their funds equally across each candidate, the donor will not qualify for the merchandise gift. This is because all candidates on the Slate will split the cost of the product.

If a donor splits their funds across candidates unevenly, but the lowest amount allocated still covers the cost of the merchandise, the donor will qualify.

Please use the visual below to understand how this works.

Upon checkout of qualifying donations, the donor will be asked for their shipping address alongside their billing address. Once the donation is complete, the order is created and triggers our warehouse to begin fulfillment.

Questions? Our team is happy to help! Please reach out to us at or click the red chat bot at the bottom right corner of your screen, and a member of our team will assist!

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