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How to Archive, Unarchive, or Redirect a Page
How to Archive, Unarchive, or Redirect a Page

Learn how to delete a page on WinRed.

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Sometimes, you need to remove a page from your account. This guide will teach you to unarchive a page and redirect the URL

How to Archive a Page

Select the specific page that needs to be archived. Click on it, head to the Advanced tab, and scroll to the bottom.

You will see a red Archive button at the bottom left corner. Click this button to archive the page.

How to Redirect a Page

After selecting that button, a new menu will appear, asking you if you would like to redirect it to another WinRed donation page and to confirm your decision.

  • If you choose to redirect it, that means that when a donor comes to the archived URL, they will be sent to the URL you chose as the redirect.

Confirm the action, and the page is now archived!

How to Unarchive a Page

If you have archived a page on WinRed, you can undo it and use it again!

To do this, navigate to the Pages tab and select the My Pages sub-tab. Next, click the filter tool, select Archived from the Status dropdown, and then hit Done.

Doing this will display all the achieved pages on the account; all archived pages will have the red symbol below, next to the page name.

Then click on the page you want to unarchive, where you will see a blue Unarchive Page button, which is highlighted below.

Select this button to unarchive it; the menu pictured below will appear. You can toggle if you would like to make the page publicly viewable or not once unarchived. Then hit the Unarchive Page button again, and the page will be successfully unarchived.

After selecting this, the page will again appear under the live pages on the account and will be ready to fundraise.

Why Has the URL Changed

If you unarchive a page, the URL may have changed due to multiple reasons listed below.

  • If the URL Slug was long and it got truncated when the page was archived.

  • Another page re-used the URL Slug when the original page was archived.


Please get in touch with our team by opening a WinRed chat box in the bottom right corner of your screen!

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