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How to Search for Pages

Learn how to find a specific page on WinRed

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On WinRed, you can search through all pages on your account to find the specific one you are looking for.

What You Can Search With

You can search by the full internal name, a phrase, or the slug to find a page.

An Internal Name is a non-public name used for a donation page that is only viewable on WinRed. The slug is the unique URL found at the end of a page's URL.

How to Search

You will see all the pages created on your account here.

Navigate to the Search Pages bar next to the green Create New Page button on the right-hand side.

You can search under All Pages on the account or specific page types, such as Donation, Petition, High Dollar, or Video.

Exact Match

To find a specific page, enter the exact page slug in quotation marks. For example, if the page slug is "Donate", put that in the search bar.

Contains Match

If you are looking for multiple pages of the same initiative that contain a similar internal name, search the name without quotes to return various results.

For example, if the page name contains "prospecting", a search would return all pages with that name associated.

View the Page Number

On WinRed, you can view the page numbers on the Pages, People, Revenue, Accounting, and Utilities tabs for easier navigation. This helps find a specific page, especially if there are a large number of pages on the account.

To find the page number, navigate to the bottom of the tab as shown below in the example.

This will display the current page you are on and allows you to easily navigate to the desired page number.

If you have questions or need clarification on any of these steps, please get in touch with our support team by clicking the red chat box at the bottom right corner of your screen.

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