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Utilizing WinRed's GTM Buddy Tool

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What is GTM Buddy?

GTM Buddy is a tool provided by WinRed. This tool will load all of our custom data-layer variables into the container that you have integrated with your WinRed account.

Note: To learn more about integrating WinRed with your GTM account, head here.


Once you have integrated your GTM container with your WinRed account, you can access GTM Buddy here:

Make sure to add the account to your Google Tag Manager container's User Management settings and give the account "Publish" permissions (Admin > User Management > Add and give "Publish" permissions).

In order to load the variables into your GTM container, we will need the following information:

  1. GTM Account ID

  2. GTM Container ID

  3. Container Name

Trouble Shooting

If you have any questions or need assistance configuring GTM Buddy, please reach out to the WinRed support team here:

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