Meta Conversions API (Facebook)
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Before you get started, if you would like to learn more about the Meta Conversions API, how it works, and the benefits of using it please take a moment to read more about it directly from Facebook's Support Article.

The Conversions API is designed to create a direct connection between your marketing data and the systems which help optimize ad targeting, decrease cost per action and measure results across Meta technologies.

Setting Up Facebook Pixel with WinRed Integration Module

After logging into WinRed, click on the Utilities tab and then click on the Integrations tab. Click the green Add Integration button to find an index of available integrations.

Here, you can add your Meta Conversions API Integration. Once Meta Conversions API is selected, you can set up your integration.

Creating a Live Event

To create a Live Event you will need an Access Token and a Pixel ID. If you are unsure how to set up your Access token and Pixel ID, you can learn more about that from Facebook here.

Enter your Access Token and Pixel ID in their respective fields. Make sure to set the integration to Active and click Save.

Creating a Test Event

WinRed also allows users to set up Test Events. Some users create Test Events to:

  • Check that you’ve set up your events correctly

  • Debug any unusual activity

  • Check which events are processed

To set up a Test Event, click the Test Event button to reveal a third text entry box. Paste your Test Event code in that box.

Enter your Access Token, Pixel ID, and Test Event Code in their respective fields. Make sure to set the integration to Active and click Save.

Once you click Save, your Meta Conversions Integration is complete. The only events this Meta Conversions Integration can track are page views and donation (ecommerce) tracking.

A quick note on Deduplication:

From Facebook: If you connect website activity using both the Pixel and Conversions API, we may receive the same events from the browser and the server. If we know that the events are the same and therefore redundant, we can keep one and discard the rest. This is called deduplication.

If you set up you Facebook Pixel and Facebook Conversions API inside of WinRed, deduplication happens automatically.

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