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Zapier Integration

How to setup a Zapier Integration on WinRed

Updated over a week ago

WinRed offers direct integration with Zapier to help you automate tasks and notifications and to help you get the most out of your account!

To use this, you must first set up the integration on WinRed and proceed to Zapier.

Set up the Integration on WinRed

Navigate to the Utilities tab and click the Integrations tab to set this up. Then click the green Add Integration button and select Zapier from the menu.

Then, give the integration a name and a description.

Your Organization's Secret Key and UID will automatically populate. You will need this information to set up the Zap and connect it to your WinRed account.

Note: You must refresh the page to see new Zaps added to your account.

Set the Integration to Active and click Save. Then your Zapier Integration will display in your Integration tab.

Now you will need to go to Zapier to finish this integration setup.

Set up the Integration on Zapier

Head to Zapier and select create a new Zap. Search for Revv from the dropdown when choosing an App event.

Select the specific event you would like to capture from the menu.

Then click on the blue Sign In button next to Connect Revv.

You will be prompted to enter your Organization's Secret Key and Revv UID. These can both be found within the Integrations Settings on WinRed.

Zapier will then perform a Test trigger, and then you can select where you would like to send your information from WinRed.

Once the other platform and action are selected, the Zap will be active!

How to Edit the Integration

Here you can also view any active Zaps on your account.

Note: Clicking Deactivate will make the Zaps inactive in your Zapier account. It will not delete them.

If you have questions or are unsure about any of these steps, please contact our support team by clicking the red chat box at the bottom right corner of your screen.

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