Tatango Integration

How to integrate Tatango with your WinRed account

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Tatango is an SMS platform allowing campaigns to send text messages to WinRed donors.

WinRed offers direct integration with your WinRed account that sends the following donor data to Tatango:

  • Phone

  • Name

  • Email

  • Zip code

You can use this data to send SMS messages to your donors.

Table of Contents

Set Up the Integration

Navigate to the Utilities tab and then to the Integrations subtab. Click on the green Add Integration button and select Tatango from the menu.

Once selected, a new menu will appear. Here you will need to name the integration and add any notes.

Then add the email associated with the Tatango account, the Tatango API Key, and the Default List ID (this is where all opt-ins are added as subscribers unless a list ID is added to a Standard or Merchandise Campaign and is added to the page a user opts-in on). You will need to get all this information from Tatango.

Also, select if the donor will see the Double Opt-In Process and Confirmation Message.

Once that information has been added, turn the integration to Active and hit Save.

Tatango's Requirements

Tatango requires that every page collecting phone numbers have a disclaimer visible to the donor on the landing page. You add this disclaimer by adding the SMS Opt-In Disclaimer to your pages. This can be done under the Form Fields tab in the page builder. Click here to learn more about Form Fields.

You will also want to enable but not require the mobile field as well.

Bulk Update the SMS Opt-In Disclaimer

You can use the Bulk Updater tool if you have multiple pages with an SMS Opt-In Disclaimer that need to be updated. To do so, head to the Utilities tab and then to the Bulk Action sub-tab.

Select SMS Opt-In button. Here you can change the Button Callout or the Opt-In Disclaimer.

Once the desired changes have been made, hit Apply to All Pages, and you are done!

If you have questions or are unsure about any of these steps, please contact our support team by clicking the red chat box at the bottom right corner of your screen.

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