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Donor Data Security & Sharing

Will my data be shared with other campaigns?

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WinRed is a fundraising platform trusted by thousands of page creators, political committees or campaigns (we refer to all of these groups here as “Organizations”). We provide a platform that enables Organizations to set-up pages that enable donors to securely give to the causes they want to support.

When completing a donation, each donor is asked by the Organization that set-up the page to provide certain information. This guide helps explain why that information is collected and when it may be shared with other campaigns.

Who determines what information is needed to donate?

WinRed is a platform used by Organizations that are seeking to raise funds for causes that are important to them. These Organizations are the ones actually building donation pages and they generally decide what fields to require, what other information donors may submit and to whom (e.g., candidates or groups) the donations made through that page are directed.

Please note that, due to Federal Election Commission (FEC) requirements, contributions to certain Organizations will require donors to fill out certain fields, such as the donor’s employer and the donor’s occupation. There are also certain financial details (such as a credit card number) that donors must submit in order to process contributions.

Why was my information shared with a different campaign than the one I donated to through WinRed’s platform?

WinRed’s privacy practices are outlined in its Privacy Policy. Importantly, please note that if you use WinRed’s platform to support a certain campaign, WinRed will not give that information to a different campaign without your consent.

That stated, WinRed does not control how Organizations use or share your data once you submit it through WinRed’s platform. Organizations receive the information you submit, and they may then choose to share your data with other campaigns. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of the Organization you are considering donating to before you submit your donation, so you can understand how your data may be further used and shared.

Does WinRed send texts asking for money?

No, WinRed does not send these text messages. If you receive a text message asking for a donation through the WinRed platform, this text message was sent by an Organization using our platform to process donations for their cause. WinRed is not sending these text messages and does not have any control over the Organizations that send these text messages.

If you need help determining who is contacting you, please refer to this guide.

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