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Who Is Emailing or Texting Me?

Learn how to identity who is contacting you over email or text

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WinRed is a donation processing platform used and trusted by thousands of Republican campaigns and organizations.

Oftentimes, these organizations create pages on WinRed to raise money for their cause and then send those pages to their supporters via email, text messages, or advertising.

When you get a message like this, it's important to understand that WinRed is only the landing page host β€” we are not sending these messages and are not involved in their content or who they are sent to.

Any questions you have about these messages are best sent directly to the organization who is sending them. Here are a few ways to determine which group is sending you these messages.

Check Which Candidates are on the Page

If you are getting messages that include a link to a page hosted on WinRed, the page can help indicate who may be sending the messages.

The campaign to which the donation goes will be listed on the page under the donation amounts:

Generally, the campaign or organization listed here sends the messages. Please note that sometimes more than one organization may be included here when a page is splitting donations.

Check the URL of the Page

Each organization on WinRed has a unique page URL that shows which organization built the page. If multiple candidates are receiving donations on a page, this URL may be a better indicator.

The URL is in the address bar at the top of the page. The Reagan Campaign built the page in the example below, and the organization's name is found within the URL.

Disclaimers on the Page

Campaigns may include a disclaimer at the bottom of a donation page. (Note that not all campaigns do this on WinRed pages.) If a disclaimer is included, this may be the group sending you messages directing you to the page.

Here is an example:

In this situation, we suggest contacting Ronald Reagan for President.

Please note that most WinRed pages may also include a WinRed disclaimer, which is required by law. This, however, does not mean that WinRed is involved in any way in any messages you are receiving.

View the Sending Domain

If you receive a solicitation email containing a WinRed link, you can identify the group sending it by looking at the sending domain.

To find the sending domain, look at the top of the email to see who it is coming from. In the example below, the email is sent from the Reagan campaign.

Messages from WinRed

WinRed never sends text messages, but we may send an occasional email, such as a receipt, when you donate. Knowing when WinRed is the sender is easy to spot because the sending domain will include '', such as

Unsubscribing from Messages

You will need to contact the person messaging you to unsubscribe from texts or emails not sent by WinRed. You can also reply STOP to text messages and click the UNSUBSCRIBE link in emails. If you are having trouble with this method, we suggest contacting the campaign that is sending the messages directly.

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