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Add Yourself to the WinRed Directory
Add Yourself to the WinRed Directory

Add your candidate and your storefront to the WinRed directory

Updated over a week ago

WinRed displays all active candidates on our directory. Here donors can search and donate to your campaign or purchase merchandise from your WinRed storefront.

Check out the instructions below to make sure your campaign displays properly.

Table of Contents:
Add Your Committee

Add your Committee

To add your committee to the WinRed directory, navigate to your Settings and then the Directory sub-tab.

From there, you will need to add an Avatar, enter your Committee Details, and toggle Yes to be seen on the directory.

Click Save to add yourself to complete the process.

Add your Storefront

If you have not set up your Storefront yet, email our merchandise team at or read this support document to learn how to set one up.

When you toggle Yes to be shown on the directory, you will also see an option to add your Merchandise Storefront. You can see this pictured in the example above.

Click Save to add yourself to complete the process.

Why Am I Not Showing Up?

If you're on WinRed and wondering why you don't show up in the WinRed Directory, there could be a few things that are still pending on your account.

  • Have you filled out all the required information? You can see if you filled out campaign information, personal information, and bank account here:

  • Have you set your Default Donation page, and is it set to Live? Head here to choose your default donation page. If you're unsure how to set a page "Live" head to the support article here.

  • Double-check that you're opted-in to appearing on the WinRed Directory.

If all of the above is completed, and you're still not showing up properly, contact the WinRed support team by using the chat window at the bottom right corner of your screen or email


Our team is happy to assist! Feel free to reach out by clicking the red chat box at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.

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