In order to start collecting donations on WinRed, you must complete the onboarding process. This includes filling out the Committee Details, Owners, and Bank Account tab in your settings. Below is the information you need to fully onboard your account:

Campaign/Business Info:
Legal Name
Address (Can't be a PO Box initially)*

Tax ID (Only if you have one)

Account Owner:
First and Last Name
Occupation Title
Last 4 Digits of SSN (Full social needed if you do not have a tax ID)
Front and back picture of driver's license, passport or other government ID

Bank Account:
Account Holder Name
Routing Number
Account Number

Complete the Onboarding Process

Head over to

If you see any of the notifications shown below, it means your account is incomplete and missing some information.

Click on the corresponding tab to complete your missing information. Note: You cannot add a bank account until WinRed has verified your committee details and at least one owner.

Once your information is complete, you will no longer see these notifications. Our team will create your first donation page for you and will reach out once your account is finalized.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team by opening a WinRed chat box at the bottom right of your screen!

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