All WinRed pages for federal committees will include a paid for by WinRed disclaimer like the one below.

Why does WinRed include a disclaimer?

The WinRed disclaimer is necessary because WinRed is paying for the website (development, platform, hosting, etc.), and as a federal PAC, it’s required to include the disclaimer for the website platforms that it funds.

The processing fees paid by the contribution recipients do cover the cost of hosting for the individual page on the website platform (which is important because otherwise, an in-kind contribution would result). But because WinRed is paying for the platform, and without the platform, there would be no individual page, the WinRed disclaimer is required on all pages.

Can I add another Disclaimer?

Whether or not you decide to include an additional disclaimer on the pages is up to and your legal counsel. WinRed does not require additional disclaimers nor prohibits them.

For help adding additional disclaimers, please use the chatbot on the bottom of your screen.

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