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Split Donations with Other Candidates & Committees
Split Donations with Other Candidates & Committees

Split donations with multiple committees on a page

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You can add other candidates, PACs, or another political committee to your donation pages to evenly split donations. You can split funds and share data between different committees via donations, Petition Pages, and Upsells. This is a powerful tool that will allow you to increase your donor impact.

Add Committees to Your Page

Navigate to the Committees tab.

Click the green Add Committee button to add another committee to the page.

From there, search in the search bar and find the committee that you'd like to add. You can add an unlimited number of committees to any page.

To remove a committee from your page, simply click the x on the right side of your screen.

Differentiating Percentages

If you want to differentiate the percentage of funds allocated to different candidates on your split page, click the gear icon in the corner. You'll be prompted to decide if you want to split the donation amounts evenly. If Yes is toggled, it will split it evenly between candidates. If you toggle No, you will be able to select the percentage.

Note: This feature is only for Conduit level accounts.

If you toggle No, you can edit the percentage of funds allocated to each account as long as it totals 100%.

If a committee is added to a page, they must be allocated at least 1%. Committees cannot be added to a page or upsell at a 0% split.

You will be able to decide which organizations you share data with by clicking the Share Data button. If this is toggled on, the organizations on your page will be able to pull reports and download the data from the page. If toggled off, only the organization that created the page will be able to see the data.

Pro Tip: A committee must be given a % of donations on a page in order to receive data. Even if Data Sharing is turned on, if a committee is set to 0%, they will not receive data.

Once you're done, hit Save.

Preview your Page

Click the blue Preview button on the top right side of your screen to see what your page will look like with your added committees.

To see which see more details and edit the allocation of their donation, donors can click "Click here for details or to edit allocation".

They'll be able to see the below:

Merchant Level Splitting

Merchant accounts, including candidates for Governor, State House, and Senate, as well as state-level PACs, can add Conduit accounts to their WinRed pages. However, Conduit Accounts, with the exception of Federal Super PACs, are unable to add Merchant level committees to their WinRed pages.

If a Federal Super PAC cannot find merchant accounts, please reach out to the WinRed Team for assistance.

Note: There is a limit of 5 committees per each Merchant level page, and splits between Merchant level accounts cannot be differentiated, and it will be an even split.

If you have questions or are unsure on any of these steps, please reach out to our support team by clicking the red chat box a the bottom right corner of your screen.

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