How to Use the Bulk Actions Tools

Apply updates to all pages in your account

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The Bulk Actions tool allows you to mass update all pages with just a few clicks, saving you the time of going into each one.

How to Initiate Bulk Actions

To locate the Bulk Actions Tool, click on the Utilities tab and then on the Bulk Actions subtab. Once here, the menu pictured below will display.

Click on the bulk update you'd like to get started.

Note: This does not apply to High Dollar Pages, pages with Entry Mode, and the Storefront.

Allow Donor to Cover Processing Fees Bulk Update

Click the Allow Donor to Cover Processing Fees button to add or remove the ability for donors to cover fees from all donation pages on the account.

You will see an option to add or remove, select the desired action and click the green button Apply to All Pages button to bulk update it.

Exit Intent Popup Widget Bulk Update

Select the Exit Intent Popup Widget button, and you will be presented with the following menu.

Select if you want to either Apply or Remove the Exit Intent Popup Widget.

If you want to apply it to all pages, upload a new image and the text displayed on the widget using the fields pictured below.

Once all changes have been made, select the green button Apply to All Pages button to bulk update it.

Also, there is the option to remove an Exit Intent Widget from all pages by selecting the red Remove from All Pages button.

Images Bulk Update

Select the Images button to bulk update the Images on your Donation and Petition pages, this update will not affect High Dollar or Storefront pages.

You will see the option to update the Desktop Background, Desktop Logo, or Mobile Image. The recommended image dimensions for each type are listed below.

  • Desktop Background: 1920x1200

  • Desktop Logo: 300x300

  • Mobile Image: 600x600

Once the desired images have been inputted, scroll down and select the green Apply to All Pages button to confirm the update.

Money Pledge Bulk Update

Click the Money Pledge button to bulk update Money Pledges on all pages. Use the search bar to find an existing Money Pledges and decide whether to apply or remove them from your pages.

Lastly, you can decide if the Money Pledge will be set as the default for any new pages.

Once a selection has been made, the following field shall be displayed:

Open Graph Bulk Update

To begin, select the Open Graph button and select if you want to edit the Open Graph or the Twitter image.

For the Open Graph, you'll need to give it a title, a description and add a video URL and an image. Lastly, you can decide if this will be set as the default Open Graph for all new pages created.

If you don't upload an image, the default image will be the WinRed logo shown below:

If you edit the Twitter Open Graph, give it a title and description and upload an image. Lastly, decide if you'd like to make this the default Twitter Open Graph settings for all new pages created.

Once you are done, click Apply to All Pages at the bottom, and the system will begin bulk updating!

Petition Pathway Bulk Update

To update the Petition Pathway on your Petition pages, click on the Petition Pathway Updater button.

Search the name of the Petition Pathway that you would like to update and then select it from the dropdown menu.

You can choose to apply or remove the pathway to all petition pages on the account.

Once you've decided which action to take, click the Apply to All Pages or Remove from All Pages button to apply the bulk update.

Recurring Callout Bulk Update

To update the Recurring Callout Text on your pages, click the Open Recurring Callout Bulk Updater button.

Input the Recurring Callout Text that you'd like to bulk update across your pages and decide if this should be the default for all new pages.

The Recurring Callout will be blank on your pages if saved with no values.


Click Apply to All Pages to start the update!

SMS Opt In

To begin, click the SMS Opt-In button. Here you can either change the Button Callout or the Opt-In Disclaimer.

To edit the Button Callout, toggle 'Yes.' Then edit the text on the SMS Opt-In Button and choose to add or remove from all pages.

Remember that this bulk update will automatically become the default setting for all newly created pages.

If you need to update the Disclaimer, toggle 'Yes'. Then edit the disclaimer text and decide if it should be applied or removed from all pages.

Click Apply to All Pages, and you are done!

Thermometer Widget Bulk Update

Select the Thermometer Widget Bulk Updater button and click on the page type you want to update. You can add a thermometer label and click on which thermometer should be added to all pages.

Once the settings have been filled out, click the white Apply Changes button to bulk update your pages.

Note: You can only add a leads thermometer to a petition page, and a donors/donations thermometer to a donation page.

Upsells Bulk Update

To begin, click the Upsell button and select whether you would like to bulk update an Upsell Pathway or Flow.

Then, search the pathway or flow you would like to update.

Once you've picked one, decide whether to apply it or remove it from all pages and if it should be standard across all new pages created.

Click Apply to All Pages, and you are good to go!


If you have questions or are unsure about any of these steps, please get in touch with our support team by clicking the red chat box at the bottom right corner of your screen.

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