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Create a Petition Page

Acquire new leads for your organization with petition pages

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Petition Pages are a free tool included with every WinRed account that allows you to collect emails, phone numbers, and other information. They can be used as petitions around a certain issue, as general campaign signups on your website, or in many other creative ways.

Create a Page

This section will walk you through how to build a petition page so you can start collecting your supporter's information!

Next, click on the green Create New Page button, followed by the Petition Page option in the drop-down menu.

Page Setup

Once you have created your new page, you will start in the Page Setup tab, where you can name it and enter other general information.

Add Page Details

Give your page an Internal Name, a Public Title, and a Slug:

  • Internal Name: A non-public name for your page to help you keep track of it.

  • Public Title: The title of the page that donors can see.

  • Slug: This gives each page a unique URL that it lives at when you publish it. 

Call to Action

Next, enter your Call to Action. This field is used to tell your supporters why they should complete your Petition Page. You can use links and pictures and customize the formatting. You can also change the text that displays on the Submit button by editing the Submit Button Text field.

Campaign & Source Code

You can append a campaign to the page to help with tracking. For more information on campaigns please refer to this doc.

Another advanced tracking method is Source Code. This field will get added to every lead that comes in on your page. You can either enter a static, default field here or you can enter it dynamically via a URL parameter: ?sc=[VALUE].


Page Status

When you have completed your page, this is where you will set it live. You have the option to set it live and to require a password to view it.

Creative & Layout

This tab is where you can customize the way your donation page looks with colors, images, and logos.

Form Colors

The Primary color adjusts the page's main buttons and links while the Secondary color adjusts the page's amount and checkbox buttons.

Form Layout

Choose how the form appears to the donor. Floating appears as a single column whereas double shows the form fields on one side and the call to action next to it as two columns side-by-side.

Then, determine if the form appears on the right, left, or center of the screen.

Mobile Image

This image is what appears at the top of the page when your donor is looking at your page on mobile.

Desktop Logo

This is the image that will appears at the top of your form on desktop. On mobile, it gets replace by Mobile Image.

Once the choose image button is selected, you will able to upload a new image or search from the existing ones by the file name.


You can choose to upload a background image or have a solid color. The background image will take priority over the color.

By selecting the gear icon in the right-hand corner, you will see the option to make the background image fixed. If toggled to yes, the background image will not scroll with the page.

Video Embed Code

You can embed a video on your page. To do this, you need to grab the embed code of the video.

Each video platform is different. On YouTube you would click the 'Share' button under the video and then click the embed option.

Then grab the code and place on your page!

Example embed code:

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen></iframe>


By default a petition page shares the supporters data only with you. However, with WinRed you have the ability to create petition pages with multiple committees.

How It Works

When you add other committees, any form submission will be shared as a Lead with all of the committees on the page.

Note: Please make sure to check with your legal team before using this feature.

Add a Committee

To add another committee, click the green "Add Committee" box.

Then, search for the group you want to add.

Finally, hit save, and your page is ready to share leads!

Form Fields

Here you can decide which fields you'd like to include in your petition. The top three fields (First Name, Last Name, and Email) are set to Yes by default. You can toggle any of these fields on or off depending on your need.

The Mobile Field allows you to collect SMS opt-ins. Learn more about that here.

Custom Fields

WinRed allows you to add Custom Fields to your pages. You can use these fields to gather extra data about your supporters or whatever information you need on your form.

Petition Pathways

WinRed’s Petition Pathways feature allows an organization to dynamically redirect leads from a petition to a donation page based on donor attributes.

Confirmation Page

When a supporter fills out your firm, you have a couple of options for what they should do next.


Selecting confirmation means that the donor will end on the petition page and will be shown a message and some options that you can customize.

  • Confirmation Text Box: You can write a thank you note here for the person to see.

  • Display Custom Content Button: Direct leads to an additional link after they submit their information.

  • Social Media Profiles: Here, you can add your Twitter and Facebook profiles to direct users to follow your social platforms.

  • Video Embed Code: Include a video message by dropping a video embed code here.


This option allows you to send supporters to a different URL. For example, you can send them to a donation page to encourage them to give right after they fill out your form.

To do this add the URL you want to send them to.

If you are using UTMs to track performance you can persist them through the redirect by toggling on the option on.

Here you can also replace standard UTMs with WR UTM. These are non-transformed UTMs that help maintain a Google Analytics session, thus passing unbroken data to GA.

Additionally, you can show lead information in the URL on the redirect.


Widgets are powerful features that improve page conversion rates. You can widgets to petition pages to increase urgency and drive your supporters to complete the form.


The advanced section has a ton of extra customizations you can use.

SEO Settings

This is the description that appears in search engines. We recommend using less than 150 characters.

Open Graph & Twitter Graph Settings

These settings determines how your page will appear when shared on social media, via text, or other platforms that show a preview. The twitter section dictates how links appear on Twitter.


CSS Override

If you want to modify cosmetic elements about your page you are able to do that with the CSS override. Use at your own risk and always confirm your page works fine before sharing with your supporters.

View and Share Page

At the top of your screen, you have a couple of important options.

Save and View Page

To save your page as you modify it, make sure you hit the green save button often. When you want to see your progress you can click the view page button next to it.

Copy the URL and QR Code

At the top left of your screen, under the page title, you have the option to copy the page URL or the QR code.

Duplicate Pages

If you want to duplicate a page, simply head back to the My Pages tab, click the ellipses on the page, and choose Duplicate from the drop-down menu.

Pages can also be duplicated within the page builder by selecting the Duplicate Page button underneath the internal page name.

Download Leads

There are two ways that you can download your Leads.

This option lets you download for that page only.

Alternatively, Go to the People tab at the top of your screen and click on leads. Here, you will see all the leads you have acquired across every page.


If you have questions or are unsure on any of these steps, please reach out to our support team by clicking the red chat box a the bottom right corner of your screen.

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