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On WinRed, Bill-Pay is a service that allows vendors to collect fees on donations on their client's pages and upsells.

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What is Bill-Pay

Bill-Pay is a service that allows candidates and organizations to automatically pay a vendor via WinRed. Candidates are able to connect to a vendor's account, add that vendor to a specific page or upsell, and set a percentage of donations that will go to the vendor.

This is an easy way to cut out the need for invoicing and pay vendors automatically as soon as funds come in.

The flow of funds looks like this:

How to Set it Up

Bill-pays exist at the individual organization level and can be added to those organizations wherever they appear (on a page, on an upsell, or on another candidate's pages and upsells).

To add bill-pay you need to have a vendor connection and then set the bill-pay on the specific page or upsell you want to use. If that page or upsell has multiple organizations on it, note that the bill-pay only applies to the organization that has the bill-pay set. Bill-pay can be set individually for each organization assuming there is a vendor connection.

The steps below explain how to set this up.

Vendor Connect

In order to use the Bill-Pay feature, a vendor must first connect their account to the client's committee account on WinRed.

Click here to view instructions on how to set up this connection.

Adding Bill-Pay to Donation Pages

Once the vendor and committee accounts have been connected, click into the client's account to set up Bill Pay. Once in the desired account, head to the Pages tab, then the My Pages subtab. Select the specific page you would like to add Bill-Pay on, and head to the Committees tab.

On the Committees tab, you will see your committee. If you don't see it, search and add it to your WinRed page. This step is crucial. Otherwise, you will not be able to add your vendor with Bill-Pay attached. Next, select the grey Bill-Pay button and search for your vendor.

Click Add Bill-Pay. Next, you'll need to Select a Vendor and set a Vendor Fee.

Please note: The maximum vendor percent is 99%. The sum of all vendor fees cannot be more than or equal to 100%. If you attempt to enter more than or equal to 100%, a validation error shall appear. In addition, If a committee has access to multiple vendors, you may add more than one Bill-Pay to a single committee.

When a vendor is chosen, the name of the vendor shall appear greyed out along with the default vendor fee, like below.

Once the Bill-Pay button is purple, then the fee has been added to the page successfully.

Configuring Bill-Pay on Upsells and Subscriptions

Bill-Pay can also be enabled on upsells and subscriptions. To do this, look to the right on the Committees tab in the page builder. You will see a toggle for Upsell Bill-Pay and Subscription Bill-Pay.

When you toggle the Yes button for Upsell Bill-Pay, that means that.

  • Bill-Pay is automatically applied to the Double Donation Upsell.

  • Any Bill-Pay that has been added to the Donation or Panel Upsell with an Upsell Card will be enforced.

  • For Bill-Pay fees to take effect, “Upsell Bill-Pay” must be enabled on the donation page via the Committees tab.

When the Subscription Bill-Pay is set to Yes, that means that subsequent subscription donations will have the same Bill-Pay as the initial donation.

Connecting Bill-Pay to a Donation and Panel Upsell Card

You can also add Bill-Pay via Donation and Panel Upsell Cards. To do this, click the Pages tab and the Upsell Flows tab from the sub-menu.

Next, click the Upsells Flow tab and select the Donation or Panel Upsell that you would like to add Bill-Pay.

From there, you'll see the Upsells settings. To turn on Bill-Pay, click the Add Bill-Pay button highlighted below.

After clicking the Add Bill-Pay button, you'll be able to add a Vendor and set the vendor Fee. Once you've added this successfully, the Bill-Pay icon will turn from grey to purple.

How To Tell if a Page Has Bill-Pay Added?

When viewing your pages on the My Pages tab, you will be able to tell which pages have had Bill-Pay added to them if you see the purple Bill-Pay icon.

You can also use the filter tool in the top right corner to view pages with Bill-Pay. Select the Pages with Fees option from the Bill-Pay dropdown and select Done. Then the My Pages tab will only display pages that have Bill-Pay added to them.

Bill-Pay Logs

Bill-Pay Logs is a tool to manage your Bill-Pay activity. You can see when Bill-Pay was added to a Donation Page, when the vendor fee was updated, and much more!

These logs are viewable in multiple places across the platform, such as the Page Builder and Settings tab.

Regardless of where you are viewing the Bill-Pay logs, they will always display the following information.

  • Activity - The name of the Bill-Pay activity or event

  • Vendor - The name of the vendor

  • Committee - The name of the committee

  • Changed From

  • Changed To

  • By (Changed By) - The email address of the user who performed the action, along with a timestamp.

Bill-Pay Logs in Page Builder

When you add Bill-Pay to a Donation Page via the Committees tab, a new tab called Bill-Pay Logs will appear.

Below is a list of activities that could be displayed here.

  • Upsell Bill-Pay Enabled - Bill-Pay has been enabled to Yes

  • Upsell Bill-Pay Disabled - Upsell Bill-Pay has been enabled to No

  • Recurring Bill-Pay Enabled - Recurring Bill-Pay has been enabled to Yes

  • Recurring Bill-Pay Disabled -Recurring Bill-Pay has been enabled to No

  • Bill-Pay Added - A vendor fee has been added to a page

  • Bill-Pay Fee Removed - A vendor fee has been removed from a page

  • Bill-Pay Fee Updated - A vendor fee has been updated on a page

Please Note: When a candidate is connected to a vendor, and a new page is created, Recurring Bill-Pay Disabled and Upsell Bill-Pay Disabled activities will appear by default. This is because these toggles are set to "No" by default in the committee's tab.

Bill-Pay Logs in Upsells

When creating a Donation or Panel Upsell, you will also be able to track the vendor fees activity there as well. If you create an upsell and scroll to the bottom, you will see the log. It will only present the three most recent activities, with a View All button appearing when there is more information to show. Click View All to see all the information available about upsell's Bill-Pay activity.

When viewing the Bill-Pay Logs for a Donation or Panel Upsell, here is a list of events you could see.

  • Bill-Pay Fee Added - A vendor fee was added to an Upsell

  • Bill-Pay Fee Removed - The vendor fee was removed from an upsell

  • Bill-Pay Fee Updated - The vendor fee was changed on an upsell

Bill-Pay Log in Organization Settings

In addition to viewing Bill-Pay Logs in the page builder and upsells, you will also be able to view them in the Settings tab. Here, you will be able to see all Bill-Pay activity, including Pages and Upsells.

If you click into your Settings tab and then click into the Bill-Pay Logs tab, you will see the following.

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