WinRed offers two types of vendor accounts: Full Access and Bill Pay Only. Along with their access levels, these two types of accounts serve very different functions.

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Full Access Vendor Accounts

Bill Pay Only Vendor Accounts

Full Access Vendor Accounts

Full Access Accounts, previously known as Agency Accounts, are made for committees who have an outside party that are managing their donation page building, marketing, and data management.

When an Full Access Account is connected to a committee, they will be granted full Admin access to the committee - this means they can:

  • View and export donation data

  • View and edit existing pages

  • Edit organizational and user settings

  • View and export accounting information

  • Build reports

  • Create new Pages

  • Create and Edit Upsells and Upsell Flows

  • Set up and edit third party Integrations

Bill-Pay Only Vendor Accounts

Bill-Pay Only Accounts, formerly known as Revvshare accounts, are for committees that have an outside party that is involved with their fundraising, but do not require Admin level access to your committee's account.

When a Bill-Pay Only vendor account is connected to a committee, they will not be granted full access to the committee. They can only:

  • View and export donation data from pages they are added to

  • Have their bill pay added to committee pages

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