Navigate a Vendor Account

How to navigate your vendor account

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Vendor accounts are different from a regular Committee account on WinRed due to the differing abilities between the two types of accounts. Vendor accounts allow you to manage your Bill-Pay, your Connected Accounts, and much more! In addition, you can also jump into your managed accounts directly from your Vendor account.

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The Dashboard is a view of all of the accounts that your Vendor is connected to, as well as the associated revenue. See the example below:

When looking at the Dashboard, you'll see the Total Raised, Vendor Raised, and Vendor Earned.

Total Raised

The amount the Connected Committee has raised over a given time. The default is today, but can be designated by using the filter tool by using the funnel button next to the search box.

Vendor Raised

This is the amount the Vendor has raised for the Connected Committee over a given time, including total raised on Pages and Upsells where the Vendor has a Bill-Pay (gross amount).

Please note, this amount DOES NOT include refunds, disputes, or voids.

Vendor Earned

This is the amount the Vendor has earned through Bill-Pay with the Connected Committee over a given time. It is the total amount raised on Pages and Upsells where the Vendor has a Bill-Pay.

Note: Only Vendor Users with Admin permissions are able to see the Vendor Earned column.


Bill-Pays on Pages

If you click the Bill-Pays sub-tab on Pages tab, you can see pages where a Bill-Pay exists on your connected committees' pages. You can see when the fee was last updated, the Connected Committee, and the Donation Page link. You will also see if the Bill-Pay is connected to Upsells. Finally, you can see the current Vendor Fee attached in the far right column.

Pages that say "via organization name" underneath the Connected Committee's name are pages where the origin is not the Connected Committee listed in bold.

As seen below, the committee Ronald Reagan, "Via George H.W. Bush for Congress" shows that another organization made the page. If the origin is not one of your clients, you will not have the ability to edit the page via ellipses.

Bill-Pays on Upsells

If you click on the Bill-Pays on Upsells tab, you will see a view similar to the Bill-Pay on Pages tab. Here you'll be able to see when the fee was last updated, who the Connected Committee is, what Upsell your Bill-Pay is attached to, and what the current Vendor Fee is.

Like the Bill-Pays on Pages tab, Upsells that say "via organization name" underneath the Connected Committee's name are Upsells where the origin is not the Connected Committee.

As seen below Calvin Coolidge for Congress, "Via George H.W. Bush for Congress" shows that this page was made by another organization. If the origin is not one of your clients, you will not have the ability to edit the upsell via ellipses.


The Revenue tab is where you can find all donations made to each of your Connected Committees. You can see the amount the Vendor has raised, the Number of Donations, Number of Donors, Average Raised and Vendor Earned. Vendor Earned is the amount your organization has earned through Bill-Pays with the specific Connected Committee for that donation.


The Accounting tab lets you view all the paid and pending transfers from WinRed to your organization.


The Integration subtab allows you to set up and manage any integrations on your Vendor account.

Please note: This is not where you would set up an integration for your client's accounts.

Data Exports allows you to access any reports manually created or created on a recurring schedule for your account.


The Settings tab is where you will manage your organization within WinRed.

Vendor Details

This is where you can edit your name as it appears on WinRed, update the timezone you wish to display the timestamp of all actions & donations, input the contact information of whom your Connected Committees should reach out to regarding Bill-Pay, and upload your W9.

Connected Committees

If you head to your Connected Committee tab, you will be able to see the committees that your account is or has been connected to. You will also be able to initiate new connections with committees, see pending invites, and set the default fee. Click here to learn more about connecting a vendor account to a committee account.

Bank Account

The Bank Account tab allows to manage your Vendor account's associated Bank Account(s) or Stripe Account.

You can add multiple bank accounts and set the Default account. To add a new bank account, users must click Add External Bank Account located at the bottom of the index.


Once selected, you will need to add the account holder's name, routing number, and account number.


Click Add Bank and you are done!

To designate which one is the default, select the ellipses next to the bank account and select Make Default.


You can add multiple users as needed. We recommend adding users via their emails as login credentials should never be shared. It's important to note that the level of access given to users here is the same access level users will have for any client organizations to whom your agency has access.

Select the Users tab and click the green Add User button.

Click the invite button and you are done! The user will receive an invite in their email inbox and they will be able to create their own login credentials.


If you have questions or are unsure on any of these steps, please reach out to our support team by clicking the red chat box a the bottom right corner of your screen.

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