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How to Manage Your Account Settings
How to Manage Your Account Settings

How to manage your different organization settings

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To manage your account settings and view or edit the account information, navigate to the Settings tab on WinRed.

Navigate to your Settings Tab

From here, you'll see several tabs that will allow you to edit different parts of your account settings.

Committee Details

These are the fields that you will fill out during your onboarding process. The following fields are:

  • Committee Legal Name

  • Tax ID

  • Committee Website

  • Committee Phone

  • Street Address

  • Additional Street Address (optional)

  • City

  • State

  • Zip

  • Timezone

Once you've saved it, the information cannot be edited further. If you need to edit any of this information post-onboarding, please contact our team by clicking the chat box in the bottom right-hand corner!


This tab will show the account owners. During your onboarding process, you are required to add at least one legal representative.


Information to be submitted includes

  • Email Address

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Occupation Title

  • Phone

  • Date of Birth

  • SSN

  • Street Address

  • City

  • State

  • Zip

  • Government-issued Photo ID.

You can add Additional Owners by clicking the green button at the bottom:

Bank Account

Click on this tab to add a Bank Account to deposit your funds. You can only add one bank account. You won't be able to add it until WinRed has verified committee details and at least one owner has been designated. You will need the following information:

  • Account Holder's Name

  • Routing Number

  • Account Number


Here, you can also set your Payout Schedule.

By default, WinRed sends payouts via ACH nightly each business day as funds are available.

Conduit accounts can set their payout schedule to either Nightly, Every Monday, or Monday/Wednesday/Friday.

Merchant accounts can choose either Nightly or Every Monday.

Once you select your payout schedule, click Save, and you'll be ready!


Here, you will manage the default settings for all of your created pages.

  • Default Page: The Default Page is the page that will appear on the WinRed directory and act as the default page that users will be directed to should they go to an archived page.

  • Default Upsell Pathway or Flow: When creating new pages, the Default Upsell pathway will be added. If no group is selected, the most recent upsell group will be used. Pages cannot have both an Upsell Flow and an Upsell Pathway.

  • Candidate URL Slug: This is a unique URL for a candidate or organization's pages. Please Note: Changing your URL Slug means that any previously sent-out links will no longer work, and new marketing efforts must include the new URL path.

  • Default Source Code: The Source Code you input will automatically be added to all future pages.

  • Statement Descriptor: The default description appears on the donor's bank statements. This will be prefixed with "WINRED*" and can be a maximum of 10 characters.

  • Maximum Donation: Set the maximum amount for each donation. Organizations on WinRed can accept donations up to $999,999.

  • Large Gift Dialog: Any contribution of this amount or more will trigger a confirmation dialog. You can leave this blank if you do not want a confirmation dialog. If a Money Pledge is opted into, it is counted towards the total donation amount. The confirmation dialog will trigger if that total amount (with the Money Pledge) is over the designated amount.

  • Recurring Callout Text: Input text that should appear in Recurring Callout on all new pages.

  • Allow Donors to Cover Processing Fees: Decide if the option for donors to cover processing fees should be displayed on all new pages created on the account.

  • SMS Opt-In Button: Select whether to display the SMS-Opt In button on all new pages

  • SMS Disclaimer: Select whether to display the SMS Disclaimer on all new pages

  • Open Graph and Twitter Image: Input an image or text to display when a page is shared on social media. An image or text inputted here will display on all pages on the account.

  • WinRed Subdomain: Enter the domain of your website to create a subdomain to help with Facebook Ad Tracking here.


Here, you can edit the three different types of default disclaimers:

  • Global Disclaimer: This disclaimer will appear on any pages your committee is visible on, regardless of the page creator.

  • Default Box Disclaimer: This disclaimer will be added to new pages by default and appear in a box at the bottom of your page.

  • Default Long Disclaimer: This disclaimer will be added to new pages by default and appear above the box disclaimer.


You can add, remove, and manage WinRed users in this tab. There is no limit on how many users you can add.


Here, you can edit your Directory settings. First, click Yes to make your candidate visible on the WinRed Directory. If you would not like to appear, click No.

Next, please enter the following:

  • Candidate First Name

  • Candidate Last Name

  • Office Type

  • State (if applicable)

  • District (if applicable)

Additionally, you can upload an avatar. This is the image that will appear on the directory, as well as throughout the platform.

Account Deactivation

You can initiate the process in the Account Deactivation tab if you ever need to shut down your account.


You must toggle Yes to all three fields to initiate the process.


Here, you can add a vendor to your committee's account. To get started, select the green Add New Vendor button.

Then, a menu will appear where you can input a Bill-Pay ID and connect a Vendor to your account.

Bill-Pay Logs

This sub-tab displays a list of activities related to Bill-Pay. It will tell you who, where, and when an action occurred. Actions such as adding Bill-Pay to a donation page, updating the added vendor fee, and much more will appear here.


If you have questions or are unsure about any of these steps, please get in touch with our support team by clicking the red chat box at the bottom right corner of your screen.

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