Nucleus Integration

How to enable the Nucleus Integration

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The Nucleus Integration allows you to send data from WinRed to your Nucleus account.

Create the Integration

Next, enter the Integration Name, any Notes, and the required Nucleus Client ID (Note: this ID is provided to you by Nucleus, please reach out to your client representative).

Toggle the integration as Active and then hit Save.

Fields & Events Sent To Nucleus

WinRed will send over all available fields for the events below. You can find a list of these fields and their formatting here.

  • Lead Created

  • Charge Created

  • Charge Refunded

  • Charge Dispute Lost

Edit or Delete the Integration

Click the Edit Integration button below the Nucleus Integration to edit or delete. Here, you can update the Client ID and hit Save again.

If you want to delete the integration, select Delete and then hit Save.

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