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How to Refund a Donation for your donors

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Four types of refunds can be issued through your portal: Same Day, Full Refund, Partial Refund, and a Request for Refund on split donations; details on each are provided below.

Refund a Donation

To find the donation you want to refund, search for it using the donation ID or the donor’s name or email. Click on the donation from the search results list.

You can also narrow your search by clicking the Filter Tool, next to the blue download button. To learn more about filtering, click here.

After locating the donation you want to refund, select the ellipses on the screen's far right side and select View Details.

From here, you are now able to view all the details for this donation. To refund, navigate to the top right of the page and click the Refund button.

Then click Confirm when the confirmation message pops up.

You will have the option to refund the donation in Full or Partial.

Full Refund

A full refund will refund the donation amount to the donor. However, the processing fee will not be refunded unless it is a Same Day Refund.

Partial Refund

If you click partial refund, you can enter the amount you'd like to refund the donor. Once you've selected what type of refund you'd like to issue, click Refund Donation.

If the partial refund is for a donation split between multiple committees, you cannot refund this yourself; instead, send a request to our team.

Same Day Refunds

Donations refunded on the same day can have the processing fee refunded. In order to qualify, the refund must occur within the same day as defined by UTC (7 PM EST/8 PM EDT), and it must be a full refund. Partial refunds cannot have their fees waived.

Donations made on regular pages and high-dollar pages qualify for same-day refunds. If the WinRed Donor Support team refunds the donation, the fees will not be refunded. Any bill pays associated with the same day refund will be pulled back from the vendor and used to issue the refund to the donor.

Refund Split Donations

Donations that are to 2 or more conduit organizations can be refunded on WinRed if the total amount is $100 or less.

If the amount exceeds that, a WinRed team member will refund the donation for you. The portal will display a “Request Refund” button for donations like these. Click the “Request Refund button.

Then click “Send Request” when the confirmation modal pops up. This will automatically create a draft email in your email client with all the information required to process the donation. Click “Send” in your email client to create a ticket for the WinRed support team. Then we will refund the donation for you.

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