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How to download a report of your donations

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Reports are a great way to build segmented, customized exports that can be downloaded, emailed, or automatically sent to integration on a scheduled or one-off basis.

Looking for information on Compliance Reporting? Click Here.

Navigate the Reporting Tool

Head to your Revenue tab, located at the top of your screen, and select Donations from the sub-menu.

It will display all donations by default, but you can filter the donations using the filter tool. To do this, click the funnel in the top left-hand corner. You can learn more about applying donation filters here.

You'll be able to filter by several different fields.

Create a Report

There are several advanced filtering options that you can choose when creating a report. These are optional filters that you may create before downloading your report.



Date Range

Choose the dates for which you are searching.


Filter by Charge Status using the values of Any, Succeeded and Refunded.

Minimum/Maximum Amount

Choose to include donations that are equal to, greater than, or less than the desired amount. You can also choose to only include donations between two amounts


Candidates that are sending you funds. This defaults to "All WinRed". Select other candidates to see how much they are conduiting to you.


Filter a report to include only the donations that have been either conduited to your committee as well as charges your committee has conduited to others.

Recurring Status

Filter a report to include only recurring, only non-recurring, first subscribed recurring, and subsequent donations

First Name / Last Name

Filter a report to include only a particular first or last name. In addition to the email filter, this is a great way to create a report for individual donors

Email Address

Filter a report to only include a specific email address.

Phone Number / Mobile

Filter a report to only include a specific phone number.


Choose between creating a report of WinRed Users or Donors.

  • WinRed Users: are donors who created a WinRed account when they donated, and

  • Donors: in this field are those who did not create a WinRed account when they donated

Page URL

You’ll need to include the full “” before the candidate and page slug in order to query correctly. This will display results that *start with* the value entered. Be aware that if the base page URL has a similar slug to another page, the system might pull in results for both pages. The reason being is we have accounted for the use of URL parameters or UTMs in your URL, so it is not set as an exact match. If you do not want this, utilize unique slugs.

Page Type

Filter a report only to include donations made on a specific page type, for example, donation, high dollar, video, etc.

UTM Source

Identify the advertiser, site, publication, etc., that is sending traffic to your property, for example, google, newsletter4, billboard.

UTM Medium

The advertising or marketing medium, for example: cpc, banner, email newsletter.

UTM Campaign

The individual campaign name, slogan, promo code, etc. for a product.

UTM Term

Identify paid search keywords.

UTM Content

ads or links that point to the same URL

Donation ID

Filter the report by a donation charge ID.


Use this filter to only include donations from campaigns that you created.

Product Name

These are the type of donations one could make on WinRed, what reads here is what category this particular donor fit into. These are the possible options:

  • One Tap Recurring Donation: This recurring donation was created because the donor clicked on a one click recurring donation link.

  • Recurring Revv User Donation: This recurring donation was created while the donor was signed into a WinRed donor account

  • Regular Recurring Donation: This recurring donation was created without a WinRed donor account

  • One-Tap Donation: This donation was created because a donor clicked on a one click donation link.

  • Revv User Donation: This donation was processed with WinRed Donor Account

  • Regular Donation: This donation was processed without a WinRed Donor Account

  • Money Pledge Donation: This donation was a result of a donor opting into a Money Pledge

  • Upsell Donation: This donation was the result of a donor opting into an upsell

  • Double Upsell Donation: this donation was created because the donor opted to double down in their donation from an upsell

  • Recurring Upsell Subscription: This donation was created because the donor opted into a recurring upsell

Fundraiser ID

Filter the report by a Fundraiser ID that was used on a page

Source Code

Filter the report by Source Code that was used on a page

How to Read Your Report

When you have settled on your filters & click save, your screen will automatically update the topline numbers to reflect your filter conditions.




This is the gross value raised


Gross amount of donations

Average Donation

This is the average donation size made to your WinRed page

Donor Emails

This is not a count of unique emails to your campaign, rather a donor is created each time someone donates on the base page. Any donations they make via upsells, recurring donations, or money pledges will all be associated with the base page donor.

If the donor is logged into WinRed, then all of their donations will be linked together and a new donor will not be created each time they donate on the base page.

As a result, it is possible someone can be counted multiple times as a donor to your campaign. This should be taken into account when managing donor information or data or referencing other sources on donor count.

Below the top line results, you will see all of the donation data that matches the results of your search or filter:

  • Date: date/time stamp of when the donation was made.
    Please note: this is a donation filter, and refunds/disputes is just a status update they do not get a new line item. If you want to be able to filter by Date of Refund or Date of Dispute Lost then you need to go to ledger.

  • Name: Donor Name

  • Email: Donor Email

  • Amount: Gross Donation Amount made to your page or upsell

  • Campaign (if applicable): if your donation page or upsell has a campaign associated, the name of that campaign will appear here. You can learn more about appending a campaign here.

If you click the "+" on the right side of your screen, it will pull down more donation details for review, a summary of those fields is below:

  • Donation ID: this is a unique ID for this specific donation. It can be used to reference this donation in reporting any time.

  • Home Address: this is the donor's home address

  • Occupation: this is the donor's listed occupation

  • Employer: this is the donor's listed employer

  • URL: this is the URL where the donor completed their donation

  • Payout ID: If this donation has been associated with a payout, the ID of that payout will be listed here

  • Phone Number: this is the donor's phone number

  • Product Name: These are the type of donations one could make on WinRed, what reads here is what category this particular donor fit into.

  • Order Number: If the donor created a merchandise order with their donation, a value will appear here. This is a unique number specific to the donor that associated with every order created on WinRed.

  • Origin: This is the candidate that created the page the donor donated too. If it is different than your campaign, it means this donation was slated to you.

  • Recurring Status: If the donation is recurring, this value will tell you whether this donation is the first donation or a subsequent donation that was created.

    • First Subscribed: this means the donation was recently created and there has not been another pull as a result of this recurring donation

    • Subsequent Recurring: this means this donation was created as a result of a subsequent pull from a previously created recurring donation

  • UTM Medium/ Source/ Campaign/ Content/ Term: These are the available UTMs WinRed has on our platform. You can use these in your URL string for better tracking.

Download Your Report

When you are ready, hit the Download button located on the far right side of your screen. This will generate a .csv that will be sent to your email with a link to download the report. This report will mirror the donation data you filtered on. For example, if you filtered by date, the .csv will only display donations within the filtered date range.

Here, you can also select if you would like to download donations with all custom fields as well.

You can view the status of your export by heading to the Data Exports tab in WinRed.

Have Questions? We're happy to help. Click on the chat box on the right hand side of your screen to chat with our team.

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