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How To Setup One Click Donations
How To Setup One Click Donations

How to build a URL that allows your donors to give instantly

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WinRed’s One Click donation tool allows logged-in WinRed donors to make payments in a single click from within a fundraising email.

One Click Donation Requirements

This feature is powerful and therefore if it is used improperly or our rules are not followed, WinRed may disable One Click links in your account immediately. Please make sure to follow and comply with the following items.

Donor Clarity

In your marketing content you must make it clear to the donor that by clicking a link they will be making a donation instantly.

To do this please include the following language above any section with One Click links: “If you’ve saved your payment information with WinRed, your donation will go through immediately."

This language must be present in each area of the email where One Click links are present.

In addition, all emails that contain a One Click link must contain the following:

  • The amount a donor is being charged in the copy/button

  • If the donor is opting into a monthly donation, then the word “monthly” must be prominent

  • Every link that is monthly must have the word “monthly” in the copy/button. It is not sufficient to have this once per section.

  • If the donor is opting into a Money Pledge, then the phrase “additional donation on [Date]” must be prominent

  • Every link that has a Money Pledge must have the phrase “additional donation on [Date]” in the copy/button. It is not sufficient to have this once per section.


Dispute Rates

It's important that you monitor your dispute rate when using this tool. One Click Links will be disabled if an organization is in the “Excessive” dispute category (1.8% dispute rate or higher across their account).

If an organization is “In Program” for 3 consecutive months (0.9% dispute rate or higher across their account), then One Click Links will be disabled.

The One Click feature is activated through URL parameters. You need to include the following:

  • email=[Donor's email address]

  • amount=[insert amount]

  • oc=true

With these parameters added, here is an example of what your link will look like:{VALUE}&oc=true&amount=x

Email Variable

WinRed requires passing through the donor's email address to validate that you know who you're asking to donate. The email variable you use will depend on your email system. Each platform has a unique way of including the recipient's email through a merge parameter so please consult with them if you are unsure how to do this.

If your URL merge parameter is {{email}}, for example, then you would do email={{emal}} and include that in your WinRed URL like{{email}}.


The amount parameter tells WinRed how much to charge the donor. The amount being used must be present to the donor when they are clicking on the URL.

Add your amount in dollar terms as &amount=3, meaning a $3.00 would be passed through as "3" (Additionally, a $2.50 donation can still be passed through as "2.5").


The last requirement is to add 'oc=true' to your URL. This tells WinRed to try to process a One Click donation.

Who are One Click Donors?

Donors that have saved credit card on their WinRed donor account are eligible One Click donors. This includes donors who have a saved profile, but have never given to your organization. That means by using WinRed, any donor who has ever given and saved their information can give to you with One Click!


Underneath the filter option labeled product name, you can search for both "One Tap Recurring Donation" or "One Tap Donation". The former will show you One Click donations that result in recurring donations to your organization, the latter will show you one-time One Click donations.

Save the filters via the "Apply Filter" button on the top right hand corner. The results are all donors who gave via a One Click link. Click the "Download" button in the top right hand corner.


If you have questions or are unsure on any of these steps, please reach out to our support team by clicking the red chat box at the bottom right corner of your screen.

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