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Default Pages and Confirmation Dialog
Default Pages and Confirmation Dialog

How to set your Default Pages and Confirmation Dialog

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Sometimes visitors may make their way to a URL that doesn't have a page. This usually occurs because a page was unpublished or invalid. It's best practice to make sure that your donor always lands safely on a donation page when you can. 

WinRed's Default Page feature lets you set a page that visitors are directed to when they manually type in a page that doesn't exist. The Default Page is also the page that will be linked to WinRed's Directory.

Table of Contents:
Set a Default Page

Set a Default Page

Go to your WinRed settings by clicking the Settings tab.

On the following page, click Pages tab.

Under Default page, select one of the pages from the dropdown that you've already published to set it as default.

Note: in order to see pages in this drop-down, you will need to set one of your pages live.

Click Save to set the default page!

Confirmation Dialog

The confirmation dialog will appear as a small popup asking the donor to confirm their contribution amount. By clicking "OK", the donation processes, and the donor proceeds to the next step in the donation flow. By clicking "Cancel", the donor returns to the payment details page.

To enable this, go into Account Settings and click the Pages tab. In the same place where you will set a default page, you will see the option to enter an amount for the confirmation dialog. Any donation of this amount or higher will enable the confirmation dialog on all donation pages.


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