Types of Upsells

Select from a variety of upsells to add to your page

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WinRed's Upsell feature allows you to maximize the impact on your donors by adding additional actions after they make a donation. You can add an Upsell to any page or storefront.

Table of Contents:

Recurring Upsells

Recurring programs are a powerful way to keep your donors engaged and provide your organization with predictable monthly revenue. The Recurring Upsell means that the donor will be hit for the donation on the same once per set time duration (either monthly, weekly, or quarterly).

Double Upsell

The Double Upsell allows donors to create a second donation that doubles their total donation to you.

Custom Content Upsells

The Custom Content Upsell allows you to add some sort of content - like a thank you video or Facebook embed for users to interact with before going to the next Upsell or confirmation. 

Mobile Opt-In Upsells

This Upsell encourages donors to opt-in to SMS notifications from your organization. 

Money Pledge Upsells

This upsell asks donors if they'd like to make an additional donation on a future date by opting into your Money Pledge. You can learn more about Money Pledges here.

Volunteer Upsells

This Upsell allows you to tap into donor enthusiasm by giving the option to become volunteers for your campaign. 

Panel Upsells

Panel Upsells allow donors to choose from many different Upsells on the same page. You can read more on Panel Upsells by clicking here.

Donation Upsells

With Donation Upsells, you can ask your donors to donate to your committee and/or other committees.

On Donation Upsells, you also have the ability to add and set Multiplier Amounts that will be used to multiply the original donation amount.

Create an Account Upsell

This upsell will ask your donors to create a WinRed account which will save their information and makes donating easier in the future. The only information the donor will need to enter on the upsell itself is a password.

Public Upsells

Public Upsells are upsell groups created by the WinRed team that are already made for you! To utilize these, click on a page and go to your Upsell Group tab, and click the drop down. If there are any Public Upsells available for your organization to use, it will appear like this:

Questions? As always, if you have any questions, contact our team by opening a WinRed chat box at the bottom right of your screen or reaching out at support@winred.com.

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