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Create a Donation Page

How to build a donation page for your WinRed account

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Donation pages allow you to accept donations from your supporters. This guide will help you get started building pages. 

Page Setup

Click on the green Create a New Page button found on the right hand side of the page.

You will see four-page options: a Donation Page, a High Dollar Page, a Petition Page, and a Video Page. We linked out instructions on how to create High Dollar, Petition, and Video Pages for you to reference, but to create a regular donation page, click Donation Page.

We only require three settings to be filled out to make the page live. They are the following.

Internal Name: A non-public name for your page to help you keep track of it.
Public Title: The title of the tab that donors can see.
Slug: This gives each page a unique URL when you publish it.

Next, enter your Call to Action. This text box is used to tell your donors why they should donate to you. Using the formatting options at the top, you can embed links, link out pictures, and customize the formatting of the copy.

If the gear icon next to the Call to Action title is selected, the option to add a Page Header will be visible. Any text inputted here will be displayed inside a box at the top of the form.

Underneath the call to action field, you'll see the option to add either a Campaign or a Source Code to your page.

If you add a value to the Source Code field, every donation made to that page will have that code associated with the donation. This is a great way to add another layer of tracking to your pages!

You can filter by Campaign and Source Code in the WinRed Reporting Tool.

WinRed already displays a disclaimer at the bottom of our pages, but if you need to add more, you can do so in the Long Disclaimer and Box Disclaimer fields.

Navigate to the right side of the screen, Page Setup tab, to set the page status.

  • Live: pages can be seen by anyone, meaning that they will show up when searched via Google, Bing, etc.

  • Draft: pages can only be seen by logged-in members of your team.

  • Password-protected: pages can only be seen by people who enter a password you set. (These are great for sending pages around for approval).

  • Entry Mode: allows you to process internal donations without saving donor information. Learn more about this mode here.

Creative and Layout

Here, you can customize how your donation page looks with colors, images, and logos.

First, update your Form Colors. The Primary color adjusts the page's main buttons and links. The Secondary color adjusts the page's amount and checkbox buttons.

Next, you can upload a Mobile Image and a Desktop Logo. Once the choose image button is selected, you will able to upload a new image or search from the existing ones by the file name.

The difference between the two is that a Desktop Logo will appear at the top of the donation form on your computer. If you don't upload a Mobile Image, nothing will appear when viewing the page on your mobile phone.

The Desktop Logo or Background Image can either be a GIF or a regular photo. If you click the gear icon, you can decide if you want the logo on the form or above.

You can set the background to be a solid color or add a Background Image. You can also toggle if you would like the background image to display as fixed so it will not scroll with the page.

Next, below the Desktop Background Image section, you can upload a video to your donation page using a Video Embed Code.

We support embed codes from the following providers: YouTube, Facebook, Rumble, or Twitter.

Form Steps

At the top right of the Creative and Layout tab, you will see the option to toggle between Multi-Step or Single-Step.

A Multi-Step form cleanly displays form fields across separate pages, presenting the information one step at a time. A Single-Step form simplifies the donation experience in fewer clicks and is easier to complete. It will have all the steps to donate on the initial donation page.

Form Layout

Form Layout pertains to the size of where the donation information is displayed. Floating is single width, while Double allows you more room to add more information.

You can choose to display the form on the left, center, or right of the page by toggling the buttons under Form Position.


You can split donations that are made through WinRed pages with other committees. Simply click Add Committee and search for the committee by name.

If using a vendor, you can also add Bill-Pay here. View this document to learn how to add Bill-Pay.

Form Fields

The Form Fields tab is where you will decide which information you will ask your donors for, as well as edit the Donation Amount buttons, create a Recurring Donation opt-in, and add Money Pledges.

Customize the amounts on the Donation Amount Buttons. To add Amount Labels to the Donation Amount Buttons, click the gear icon in the right-hand corner. This will allow a text label to appear on the button on the donation page. Once you click that, you'll be able to edit the Amount Label:

Leave an "Other" amount for the donor to input their own donation amount. Add or remove this by clicking the toggle next to it.

Below the Donation Amount Buttons, you can also set the minimum and maximum donation amount on the specific page if the gear icon is selected.

If you scroll down further, you can choose what information you'd like to gather from your donors, such as Mobile Number, Shipping Details and more.

If the Mobile Field is toggled to yes, you will be given the option to allow users to opt into receiving SMS Messages or to display an SMS Disclaimer on the page.

If you toggle the SMS Opt-In Disclaimer to yes, you'll be prompted to add an SMS Opt-in Call to Action and the Disclaimer.

If you are selling Merchandise on your pages, collect a Shipping Address for your donors. If you choose not toggle the Shipping Address, the product will be sent to the address the donor has on file.

The option to pre-check the shipping address with the donor's billing address is also found here.

Toggle the Fundraiser ID to yes if you would like a Fundraiser ID to be associated with the donations that were made on the page. You can learn more about this feature here.

Select whether you would like to allow your donors to cover processing fees. You can learn more about this feature here.

Recurring Donations

One of the most powerful ways to increase online revenue is Recurring Donations. These are donations that automatically recur on a set interval (such as once a month). Building your recurring program is crucial because it’s a great way to raise money without additional donor asks. To set this up on your donation page, scroll to the top of the Form Fields tab and set the Recurring Donation Button option to Yes.

To edit the Advanced Recurring Settings, click the gear icon in the right-hand corner. The Advanced settings allow you to customize the interval if you'd like to use a check box vs a button and more!

Custom Fields

WinRed allows you to add Custom Fields to your pages. You can decide if you'd like to add an Existing or a New Custom Field. An Existing Custom Field is one that you have already created on another page.

When creating a new Custom Field, you will need to enter the following information:

You will need to give the field a name and designate where you'd like it to be positioned on the donation form (for example, before or after the Donation Buttons). Lastly, select the Field Type.

The Field Types are listed below:

  • Text Field: This is a regular text field that allows all characters.

  • Number Field: This is a field that only allows numbers to be entered.

  • Text Area: This is a field that allows donors to add longer comments.

  • Checkbox: This checkbox allows donors to accept a condition or disclaimer before donating. You can toggle whether checking this checkbox is required in order to process a donation.

  • Paragraph: This is simply some helpful text you can add throughout your form.

  • Hidden: This is an invisible field. Hidden fields are useful if you would like to set a default value for a field that donors can't edit. They can be prefilled via URL, like many other custom field types.

  • Select Dropdown: This field type allows donors to choose from a dropdown list of options.

  • Multiple Choice: This field allows donors to select multiple options from one list of options. 

  • Radio Buttons: Presents donors with a number of options to choose from but does not allow more than one option to be selected. 

  • Text Field Toggle: This is a text field that appears after a donor has checked a checkbox.


The Upsells tab allows you to dynamically redirect donors from a donation page to an upsell based on donor attributes through an Upsell Pathway. Or to group multiple Upsells together in an Upsell Flow.

Upsells appear after the initial donation flow to encourage your donors to donate more!

You can either create a new Upsell Pathway or Flow or add an existing one.

When creating a new Upsell, you will be given the following options. You can read more about the types of Upsells here.

Click into any of these and customize your upsell with images, call-out text, and much more! You can also append Bill-Pay and Money Pledges to your Upsells.


Here, you can customize the message that will appear to your donors once they have completed their donation. You are also able to add a Custom Button to your page that will link out to a URL of your choosing, for example, back to your campaign website. 

Lastly, you can also link out social media, such as your Facebook or Twitter, to be displayed to donors here as well.


Here you can add an Open Graph Image. An Open Graph Image is a picture that will be shown on social media when you post your page's link. The Open Graph defaults to the image below, but you can update that with your own image if you'd like.

Next, you can select a language for your Donation Page. Currently, we offer Spanish page translation for all the standard form text. You will need to translate custom text such as your Call to Action and Disclaimer.

If you scroll down, you will see an option to enable CAPTCHA. This is an extra layer of identity confirmation. You can turn this on by toggling this to Yes.

When you are finished, remember to click Save. You can always preview what your page looks like by selecting the View Page button, located at the top right hand corner of your screen. 

Duplicate Pages

If you want to duplicate a page, simply head back to the My Pages tab, click the ellipses on the page, and choose Duplicate from the drop-down menu.

Pages can also be duplicated within the page builder by selecting the Duplicate Page button underneath the internal page name.

QR Codes

Located under the title, you can generate a QR code for your page by clicking the button under the slug.

CSS Editor

Customize your landing pages further with our Custom CSS editor, located at the bottom of the Advanced tab.

Note: you cannot edit the following on a WinRed landing page:

  • Donation button size

  • Remove an "other" field on a landing page

  • Overriding the copy on a Money pledge

  • Resizing a logo

  • Changing color of an upsell button


If you have questions or are unsure on any of these steps, please reach out to our support team by clicking the red chat box a the bottom right corner of your screen.

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