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State-level Slate Pages and Upsells
State-level Slate Pages and Upsells

Learn about using State-level Slate Pages and Upsells.

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State-level Candidates can now use Slate Pages and Upsells on WinRed! These allow donors to give to multiple State-level organizations at once. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know to get started.

Note: We recommend consulting with your counsel before using this feature to determine whether it triggers additional fundraising requirements or registrations.

Adding Other Candidates to Your Pages

Navigate to the Committees tab.

Click the green Add Committee button to add another committee to the page.

From there, search in the search bar and find the committee that you'd like to add.

To remove a committee from your page, simply click the x on the right side of your screen.

Adding Other Candidates to Upsells

State-level candidates can be added to Donation and Panel Upsells.

If multiple charges are created on a State-level base page, the following Upsells are skipped:

  • Double Donation

  • Recurring Upsell

The recurring button may be included on the base landing page. When a donor opts into a recurring subscription on a State-level base landing page, individual subscriptions are created for all candidates associated with that page.

Donors are able to create a subscription with a single donation only. Multiple subscriptions on a page are not allowed.

Limits on Adding Candidates

How Many Candidates Can You Add

Users may add no more than 5 State-level candidates to a page. Users who add less than 5 State-level candidates may add an unlimited number of federal candidates to the same page.

A disclaimer will be displayed in the page-builder to show this restriction.

Who Can Add What Candidate

Due to campaign compliance laws, there are some limitations on what types of candidates can be added to a page. The table below lists various combinations that can and cannot be used.

Source Organization

Organization to Include on Slate Page

Can be added to Slate Pages?

State-level Candidate from State A

State-Level Candidate from State A


State-level Candidate from State A

Federal-Level Candidate from State A


Federal-level Candidate from State A

State-Level Candidate from State A


State-level Candidate from State A

State-Level Candidate from State B


Federal-level Candidate from State A

Federal-Level Candidate from State B


Federal Super PAC

State-Level Candidate from State A



Do donations to State-level candidates go through WinRed PAC?

No. Donations go straight to your own merchant account, not through a pass through PAC. The State-level organization will serve as the merchant of record for credit card payments.

How can I see how my Slate Pages are performing?

Evenly split donations are displayed in the Revenue tab

WinRed can also provide custom reports to assist users. Please reach out to our team for more information.

How does pricing work on Slate Pages?

Standard WinRed pricing applies for a single charge. If there are multiple charges on a Slate Page that includes a State-level organization, then each charge will be processed at 3.94%

Which states are excluded from State-level Slate Pages?

The state of California is excluded from State-level Slate Pages.

How do slate pages work with Money Pledges and Merchandise?

Currently, you cannot add Pledges or Merchandise campaigns to pages with multiple state-level candidates.

Will the necessary compliance information be displayed and collected?

An organization’s global disclaimer will appear on any page they are added to. Employer information is required on all pages, and employer addresses are required for any page that has added an organization based in the following states:

  • Michigan

  • New Hampshire

  • New Jersey

  • North Dakota

  • Oregon

  • Pennsylvania

  • Rhode Island

  • Virginia

  • Washington


If you have questions or are unsure about any of these steps, please reach out to our support team by clicking the red chat box at the bottom right corner of your screen.

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