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How to view pages that your Committee has been added to

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The Connected Pages tab shows you any pages created by other committees that your committee has been added to, as well as any Team Pages that your committee has been added to. For more information on Team Pages, click here.

Viewing your Connected Pages

In the Other Committees tab, you can see what committees have added you to their Donation or Petition Pages. You can see how much the page has raised and the split percentage going to your Committee. 

In the Team tab, you can see the Team Pages your committee has been added to.

You can request your committee removed from any page by clicking the Request Removal button on the right. A chat box will then open where you can notify the WinRed Support Team to remove your Committee from that page.

Any questions on Connected Pages? Feel free to reach out to our team by opening a WinRed chat box at the bottom right of your screen!

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