Each state has a different set of campaign finance laws that state-level committees must abide by in order to remain in compliance.

Please note that this is not legal advice, so you should consult with your counsel and compliance team when filing reports, but this will help get you going in the right direction.

How Donations Work for State Level Accounts

State-Level contributions are not conducted on WinRed, nor do they pass through a 3rd party entity of any kind. State-level campaigns shave their own merchant accounts. For avoidance of doubt, they are not conduited through a PAC even if multiple state-level candidates are on the same page

WinRed Technical Services LLC is the technology vendor

  • Address: 1776 WILSON BLVD, Suite 530 ARLINGTON, VA 22219

Employer Address Fields

We know that many jurisdictions require unique compliance needs, so we've built some features to make it a little easier for you.

To start, WinRed automatically adds fields to collect donors' employer and occupation info to all donation forms. 

If your WinRed account is for a state-level committee from any of the following states, WinRed will automatically also add fields to collect donors' employer address, city, state and zip information:

  • CA

  • MI

  • NH

  • NJ

  • ND

  • OR

  • VA

  • WA

  • PA

  • RI

If your state-level committee is signed up with any of those states, we will automatically add those employer address fields to new donation pages. If you need to, you can remove those fields on a page in the Form Fields section of the page builder tool.

If your state-level committee is signed up with any of those states, but still needs to collect employer address information, you can toggle the employer address fields on in the Form Fields section of the page builder tool.

Additional Custom Fields 

If your state-level committee requires additional custom fields such as a checkbox, textbox, disclaimer, dropdown or any other field needed for compliance, you can add those to your pages as well. 

We can even set those fields to be added to all newly created pages automatically. If you would like us to set one of your fields to be added to new pages by default, please contact our customer success team and we'll assist you.

Need more info on how to add a custom field to your page? Click here for more information.


You can add any disclaimers you need on your page in the Page Setup tab of the page builder tool.



WinRed sends any funds that are owed to your committee via Payouts. These are automatically payments to your committee's bank account that occur on an automatic, rolling basis.

You can view pending or completed payouts by clicking the Payouts menu item in the navigation bar of your portal.

You can click into each payout to view details about it, including the donations, refunds or disputes associated with that payout.

Payout Reports
To download a report for a payout, click into the payout to view its details and click the Download button.

We'll generate the report and send you a link to download the file. Note that you may need to sign in again to download the report.

Payout Schedule

Payouts are scheduled to deliver on a nightly basis, if funds become available they will arrive in your bank account the next available business day.

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