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Payout Reports

How to access the bank transfers for your account

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Each time WinRed disperses funds to your attached bank account, we generate a Payout Report. This document explains where to find those reports and how to read them.

Access Your Payouts

To see your Payouts, head to the Accounting tab in your account. In the submenu, you'll see the Payouts tab.

Payout Summary Numbers

At the top of your screen, you will see some top-line numbers. These are currently only available for Conduit accounts, not Merchant accounts.

On the left, you will see the following.

  • Gross Total donation amount contained in filtered Payouts.

  • Refunded — Total refunded amount contained in filtered Payouts.

  • Fees — Total fees contained in filtered Payouts.

  • Net Payouts The net amount that has been paid out for filtered Payouts.

And on the right:

  • Balance The balance of total funds due to, or owed by, your committee.

  • Available Soon Funds that will soon become available to be paid out to your committee.

  • Available — Funds that are available to be paid out to your committee immediately.

  • In Transit — Funds that are on their way to your committee's bank account.

List of Payouts

Underneath the summary numbers, there is a list of all Payouts your organization has received. The list will also have multiple columns explaining different details of the Payout.

  • Initiated Date This is the date the Payout will be sent from WinRed to the connected bank account. Typically it takes 24 hours from this date for the funds to appear in the bank account.

  • Estimated Arrival — This is when the funds are predicted to arrive in the committee's bank account.

  • Name Notes what type of Payout.

  • Statement Descriptor Reflects the statement that will be visible in the bank account.

  • Gross The total amount of the Payout before any fees.

  • Refunds and Disputes The total amount of refunds and disputes that occurred within the specific Payout.

  • Fees Displays the processing and vendor fees that were associated with the Payout.

  • Net — The total amount of the Payout after fees refunds, and disputes are taken out.

Download Your Payout

When looking at the list of Payouts, there are multiple ways that you can download a Payout Report. Select the ellipses in the list, and a drop-down menu will appear with the option to download the report.

Or click on the specific Payout, and there you will see an option to download the Payout using a blue button.

The Ledger Report will list all individual transactions included in the Payout. While the Fees Report will display all the fees associated with the Payout.

CSV Download

You also have the option to download the report as a CSV by clicking on the specific report and selecting the download button.

This downloads a complete report of all transactions contained within a Payout.

To see an example of a Payout report, click here:

Find a Certain Payout

If you need to find a specific Payout, you can search for it or use our filter tool. This can be found at the top right of the screen.

Read Your Payout

Each Payout will contain a list of donations, refunds, and disputes associated with that Payout, as well as a breakdown of the gross amount, processing fees, vendor fees, refunds, and net amount for each Payout.

There are two ways to access the Payout report:

  1. Within the Portal

  2. Downloading as a CSV

In the Portal

To view your Payout details within the WinRed interface, click on the Payout you want to see.

That brings you to a detailed view that looks like this:

There are a couple of sections here:

  • Payout Details — This section tells you the Payout status, the estimated date of arrival, and how it will appear on your bank statement.

  • Payout Breakdown — This section includes an aggregate summary of everything contained within the Payout.

    • Gross — This is the total amount of all contributions included in the report before fees and refunds are taken into account.

    • Refunds

      • Refunds — The gross amount of refunds in your Payout deducted

      • Disputes — The gross amount of disputes in your Payout deducted

      • Vendor Bill-Pay Fees Refunds — The amount pulled back from a vendor to cover the refund to a donor.

    • Fees

      • Processing Fees — The sum of WinRed's processing fee for all the charges included in the Payout. You can learn more about our pricing here.

      • Merchandise Fees — The sum of any merchandise fees associated with charges in your Payout.

      • Dispute Fees — The sum of fees associated with any lost disputes. Each dispute loss incurs a $15 fee.

      • Vendor Bill-Pay Fees — The sum of fees paid to a vendor on your account.

    • Net Payout — This is the number that is actually being paid out less all your fees

  • Ledger — Here a list of all individual transactions that are included in the Payout. You can click into the donation to see more details

Customizing Payouts

If you need to adjust the information contained in the Payout, head to the Accounting tab and select the Payout Report subtab.

The default fields seen in this menu are automatically sent from WinRed.

You can edit which type of information is included within the Payout and the order in which the columns appear on the file by dragging and dropping the fields in the desired order. To do this, select the collapsible menu of the field that you would like to move and drag it to the desired location.

By clicking the Grey Remove All button in the right-hand corner, all of the fields will be removed to provide a clean slate to reenter them as desired.

The Payout Report subtab has three different columns that break down the setup of the format.

  • Cell Value — This is the actual field that is passed in the payout report

  • Column Header — This is what will appear as the column header in your CSV file.

  • Static Field — This is an optional field. If you enter a value, it will overwrite the value for the field you have entered in the cell value, regardless of what the field is.

Note: The donor covers processing fees field is only available on conduit accounts.

Once the format has been edited, hit the green Save button in the top right corner to save it. Here you can also reset reports back to default by selecting the white Reset to Default button as well.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to our team by clicking the red chat bot at the bottom right hand corner of your screen. We're happy to help!

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