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How to navigate the Accounting Ledger

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The WinRed Accounting Ledger allows you to track and view financial transactions, including donations, refunds, and payouts. The Ledger contains a detailed record of each record, such as the date, amount, type of transaction, and donor information.

Understanding the Ledger

Here, you are presented with summary numbers at the top, the aggregate of the current filter settings. If you change the filters, then the numbers will update accordingly.

  • Donations Total gross amount of donations within your WinRed account

  • Refunds The total net amount of refunds processed on your account

  • Disputes —The total net amount of donations that have been disputed by a donor to their bank, which results from a complaint or fraudulent transaction.

  • Payouts Each time WinRed disperses funds to your bank account, this generates a Payout.

Underneath the summary numbers are the individual line items contained in the ledger. This accurately represents the financial transactions recorded within your WinRed account. The column labels in the Ledger allow you to differentiate between the separate transactions easily:

  • Type This identifies the type of transaction described in the previous section; Donation, Refund, Dispute, or Payout.

  • Date —The date that the transaction was initiated.

  • Name —The name of the donor associated to the transaction.

  • Gross —This is the total amount of all donations before fees and refunds are taken into account.

  • Fee —Total fees involved within this transaction. This includes Processing and Vendor fees.

  • Net — Net amount that has been paid out after fees.

  • Balance Your current balance of all pending and ready to pay out charges. This is a snapshot and subject to change before your next payout.

Next to each transaction, you will notice an Ellipsis tool allowing you to view the transaction details.

Filter the Transaction Report

Select the white triangle button next to the blue Download button to filter within the ledger.

Then the following menu will appear if you are on a Conduit account. Here, you can filter the specific transactions by specific parameters.

Below is a review of each section and filter available

  • Date Range — Select the date range you would like to see your data appear in

  • Fee Amount — Use this filter to filter by fee amounts

  • Gross Amount — Filter by a specific amount gross amount of transactions

  • Net Amount — Filter by a specific amount net amount of transactions

If you are on a Merchant account, the following menu will appear.

Below is a review of each section and filter available

  • Date Range — Select the date range you would like to see your data appear in

  • Amount — Use this filter to filter by amount

  • State — Use this filter to search for transactions by the specific state

  • Contributor Type — Select what type of contributor should appear

Under Transaction Types, you can filter by the specific transaction type, such as disputes, dispute fees, donations, payouts, refunds, adjustments, and payout adjustments.

Download Transaction Report

Under the ledger tab, you can download a report in different places depending on what type of account you are on.

If you are on a Conduit account, apply filters and click the blue download button to generate your report. It will be sent to the email you are signed in with once the report has been generated.

If you are on a Merchant account, you can filter and either download a PDF Receipt or a report.

Then, select if the export should be organized via date or last name. Then, it will be emailed to you.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to our team by clicking the red chatbot at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. We're happy to help!

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