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How do I Report Vendor Fees?
How do I Report Vendor Fees?

Handling Vendors Fees for Compliance Reports

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On your payouts, you may see a Vendor Fee being taken out of your donations. These are not WinRed Fees and it's important to make sure they are reported to the FEC correctly. WinRed's processing fee is 3.94%.

Vendor Fees Overview

If a candidate and a vendor have an agreement to pay the vendor a commission on funds raised, WinRed can automate this process through vendor fees. To be clear, WinRed will never apply a vendor fee unless the recipient candidate or committee directs and authorizes WinRed to do so.

Think of it as WinRed providing a bill pay service to your candidate. You raise money on a page and an vendor fee percent can be set to deduct that amount and send it to the vendor automatically. The candidate must give access to the vendor to set up fees and this is done on a per-page-basis.
If you have connected Vendor on your committee and these vendors take a Vendor Fee, these fees will appear on your payout reports.

This service is different from paying a vendor for services as WinRed takes no fee for using this feature and WinRed does not direct where any of the funds go or how they are spent. This is purely a bill pay service to make life easier for campaigns and agencies by cutting down on the amount of invoicing needed.

View Your Vendor Fees in Reports


Here you'll see a list of all of your individual payout reports. Click on the specific payout to see what donations are included in a particular payout report.

You will see a breakdown of your Gross Donations, Fees, and your Net Payout. Under The Total Fees section, you will see a Vendor Bill-Pay Fees row with the total vendor fees on this particular payout report.

Conduit accounts on WinRed have the ability to download a fee report which is found in the top right-hand corner of this page. This report includes a breakdown of fees on the payout and lists the specific vendors and their fees.

Merchant accounts will see this breakdown on WinRed underneath the Vendor Bill-Pay Fees column.

Important: The candidate is paying the fees to the vendor as a disbursement. The candidate is NOT paying these fees to WinRed. You will see extra columns on your payout report for the vendor name and the amount, and this must be reported to the FEC as such.

WinRed's processing fee is 3.94%. It is never higher than this, so if your fees look larger than they should be, it's likely because a fees are being included, and those need to be separated out.

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