WinRed is a non-connected PAC 

WinRed Technical Services LLC is the technology vendor

  • Address: 1776 WILSON BLVD, Suite 530 ARLINGTON, VA 22219

  • All processing fees are disbursed to WinRed Technical Services LLC

Please note that this is not legal advice, so you should consult with your counsel and compliance team when filing reports, but this will help get you going in the right direction

Recipient Committees Reporting Earmarked Receipts for Compliance

All contributions received from WinRed are earmarked contributions through WinRed PAC.  An earmarked contribution from WinRed must be reported by both the conduit and the recipient committee. 

The recipient of an earmarked contribution has a reporting obligation if the earmarked contributions received from a single conduit exceed $200 in an election cycle. In that case, on Schedule A, the authorized committee must: 

  • Identify the conduit by name and address (and occupation and employer if the conduit is an individual)

  • Report the date of receipt and total amount of earmarked contributions received from that conduit

  • Itemize the original contributions from each individual whose total contributions to the committee aggregate over $200 per election cycle (including the full name, mailing address, occupation and employer of the contributor, the amount earmarked and the date the conduit received the contribution).

Recipient Committees Reporting Conduit Transaction Fees

The gross contribution from the conduit contributor should be reported on the correct line item schedule A of the report as outlined above. 

WinRed Technical Services LLC deducts a processing fee from each conduit. Those corresponding fees should be reported as a disbursement on schedule B as an operating expense. For candidates and committees filing on Form 3, fees should go on line 17. For PACs and Party Committees filing on form 3X fees should be reported on line 21b.

For reporting purposes, WinRed Technical Services LLC’s address is: 1776 Wilson Blvd, Suite 530 Arlington, VA 22219

Other Types of Fees That Aren't Credit Card Processing Fees

WinRed spells out each type of fee in the payout report and payout details view. It is important to check these fees because they are reported differently.

  1. Agency Fees:  If an agency and a candidate or committee have a fundraising commission arrangement, you can use WinRed's agency fee feature to automatically collect payment. Think of it as WinRed providing a bill pay service to your candidate. The candidate is paying the fees to the agency as a disbursement NOT WinRed. You will see extra columns on your payout report for the agency name and the amount. 

  2. Merchandise Fees: If you are using WinRed's on demand merchandise program to easily sell merchandise with no upfront cost, you will also see added columns on your payout reports that show the cost of merchandise. These are not credit card fees, but are for the cost of goods sold and reportable to WinRed Technical Services LLC. 

Note: first and last name fields have a two character minimum, meaning that donors can't donate using an initial. The system will throw an error if the minimum is not met.

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