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What is 2-Factor Authentication?
What is 2-Factor Authentication?

How to use 2-Factor Authentication

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WinRed takes the security of our committees very seriously. One way to ensure your login information is not compromised is through 2-Factor Verification. In addition to inputting your email and password, you are also required to confirm your identity with a verification code sent via text or phone call.

How Does It Work?

When creating your account on WinRed, you will be asked to enter a phone number. This is because, for all future log-ins, a text message will be sent to your phone with a code. That code must be entered on WinRed to log in successfully.

If your phone cannot receive text messages, you can select to authenticate by a phone call while logging in as well.

Every account on WinRed must have 2-Factor Authentication enabled as a form of security. You cannot turn this off, as it is a required part of having a WinRed account.

What If I Can't Log In?

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