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Create and Manage Money Pledges
Create and Manage Money Pledges

Learn about money pledges and how to use them

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Money Pledges allow donors to opt-in to contribute automatically on a future date. This is a great way to upsell your donors. This feature can be used on landing pages and a number of different Upsells.

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Creating a Money Pledge

Navigate to the Revenue tab and then select the Money Pledges tab. From there, click the green Create Money Pledge button.


Once you click to create that new Money Pledge, you will then be asked to enter the following information:

  • Money Pledge Campaign Name: An internal name for your pledge. This is only visible to you.

  • Money Pledge Callout: Similar to the Call to Action on Donation Pages, this is how you will convince your donors to opt-in. This will appear on the Donation Page.

  • Date of Money Pledge: Select a date that your Money Pledge will activate. This date will be displayed on your donation page and is the day that payment will process.

  • Email Body Override: This is the confirmation email donors will receive after opting into the Money Pledge. You can customize the text to thank the donor for their donation and reminding them why their contribution is so important. There is default text that will be used if you do not customize it. While editing the text is optional, as there is default text that will be used, but highly recommended.

While making the Money Pledge, you will be able to see a preview of what this will look like on the Donation Page, for example:

Once you've made the desired changes, please click Save.

Adding a Money Pledge to a Page

In the Page Builder, click the Form Fields tab. Under the Recurring Donation Button, you will see an Add Money Pledge Campaign section. Use the drop down to choose which Money Pledge you'd like to append to the page:


If you have an existing money pledge on a page and do not want to display it anymore, select the blank option from the dropdown.

Please note: The Money Pledge will be removed from the donation page at 12 am EST and the funds will be processed: 1pm EST on the day of the pledge.

Creating a Money Pledge Upsell

You can also create Money Pledges as an Upsell. Navigate to the My Pages tab and select Upsell Flows from the sub-menu. Next, select an existing Upsell Flow or create a new one.

When creating a new Upsell, select the Money Pledge upsell type. You will need to give the upsell a name and select Money Pledge from the dropdown menu.

Once you've created the Money Pledge Upsell, you will need to add it to the page. Click into the donation page and click the Upsell tab. You will see a drop down and will be able to select it from there.

Once it is added to the page, it will look like this in the donation flow:

How to Manage Your Money Pledges

In the Money Pledge tab, you will be able to see how your pledges are performing, create new ones, and export pledge data into a CSV file.

You will first notice the summary at the top of the page, which will provide you updates on the status of:

  • Pledged: The value of outstanding pledges, which will not include canceled, processed, or failed sums. If the date has already passed, this will display as $0.

  • Processed: Value of pledges successfully processed.

  • Failed: Value of pledges resulting in failed charge attempts (insufficient funds, etc.).

  • Canceled: Value of canceled pledges to date.

This section is also where you can find the individual money pledges created for your organization.

Bulk Action Tool

If you click on a specific Money Pledge, you will see the Bulk Action tool. This tool allows you to apply a Money Pledge to all pages and remove a Money Pledge from all pages.

First, select the pre-existing Money Pledge from the drop menu. Then you will be presented with this menu.

You will then see the option to either apply or remove this pledge from all pages along with a toggle to add this pledge as default on all new pages.

There are a couple of conditions to Bulk Updating pages. If you are a Merchant account with slate splits enabled onto a page, you will only be able to bulk update a Money Pledge if:

  • There are no committees added in the Committee tab in Page Builder

  • There is only one committee and it is the same as the host; for example, if the committee listed under the Committee tab is the same as your organization.

If other committees are added to the page, the Money Pledge will not be able to be bulk added.

Cancel a Money Pledge

If you need to cancel a Money Pledge, head to the People tab. Find the donation that is associated with the pledge and click on it. You will see the pledge and a Red Cancel button that will end the pledge if selected.

To learn more about canceling Money Pledges, head here.

Questions? If you have questions or are unsure on any of these steps, please reach out to our support team by clicking the red chat box a the bottom right corner of your screen.

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