Money Pledge is a way for donors to give an additional donation automatically on a future date. Committees can add Money Pledges to a donation page where they ask if you'd like to sign up for that Money Pledge. On a donation page, it will look something like this:

It will give you the name of the Money Pledge, and it will give you the date that the additional donation will be charged. You will receive a reminder three days before the Money Pledge is to be charged reminding you.

If you sign up for a Money Pledge, your email receipt that you receive for your donation will also include a confirmation of your Money Pledge.

How can I cancel my Money Pledge?

If you'd like to cancel your Money Pledge before it is charged, you will need to find your email receipt of the initial donation. In this email, there will be a link to cancel your Money Pledge.

If you cannot find this email, reach out to the WinRed Donor Support Center here and one of our team members will assist!

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