How much WinRed charges in transaction fees
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Cost Summary

Transaction Fee: 3.94%

High Dollar Page Fee: 3.2%

ACH Donation Fee: .8%, capped at $5

Dispute Fee: $15

Account Set-Up: $0

Monthly Fee: $0

Fees cannot be refunded if the donation is refunded.

Committees using our Merchandise program are subject to product costs that depend on the product itself.

Important Note: Super PACs have a $99/monthly fee associated with their WinRed account. Please reach out to our team for any questions on this organization type.

Committees can choose to pay agencies and other vendors directly through WinRed. These fees are taken out at the time the donation is made and sent to the specified vendor. These fees are not WinRed fees and should not be reported as such when filing.

Transaction Fee Example

WinRed charges 3.94% for every transaction made.

That means that on a $100 donation, $96.06 goes to the candidate or organization.

Donation: $100
Fee: $3.94
Remaining: $96.06

Donations to Multiple Candidates

A donation made on a split page for multiple candidates only incurs a transaction fee once. Meaning if you split that $100 donation between 10 candidates, each candidate would get $9.60

Donation: $100
Fee: $3.94
Remaining: $96.06
Split 10 ways: $9.60

High Dollar Pages

All WinRed accounts get access to a special page for high dollar contributions. This page has a rate of 3.2% for every transaction made. There is a minimum donation of $500 on these pages.

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