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Customize Your Page with URL Parameters
Customize Your Page with URL Parameters

Override button amounts, personalize text, select donation amount and more

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WinRed has a series of helpful URL parameters that you can use to customize your pages. Below is a guide to each type and how to use them.

Merge Parameter

Merge tags allow you to insert data from your subscriber list directly into your WinRed page in order to create personalized content for the donor viewing the page.

To set the first name merge tag up, add the dynamic variable into your Call to Action, surrounded by brackets.


You can add a default here as well in case a donor views the page that does not have a first name value in your esp. In the example below, "Friend" is the default value.

{{firstname default= "friend"}}

It will look like this:

Please remember that the dynamic variable (in this case, firstname) needs to be URL safe. This means no spaces or punctuation marks. If you would like to add a space separate it by a dash or an underscore.

Next in the URL of your page, add the dynamic variable from your merge parameter and set it equal to the dynamic variable from your ESP, like this:

Now when a donor whose first name is known to your ESP or system of choice views your page, they will see their name displayed on the WinRed page.

Override & Preselect Donation Amounts

You can override the donation amounts on your landing page without customizing the Form Fields tab in page builder with URL parameters. You can use this parameter to A/B test donation amount performance, customize pages based on your the list you are sending to, or just to adjust pages quickly without having to log into the WinRed platform.


Use the following parameters to update the donation amounts to display to donors:


Your URL would look like this:

If you want to preselect an amount on a page, you can do so with this parameter:


After the equal sign, set the value to what you wanted preselected.

If $50 were to be preselected on the donation page, the URL would look like this:

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If you have questions or are unsure on any of these steps, please contact our support team by clicking the red chat box at the bottom right corner of your screen.

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