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Add Widgets to Your Pages and Upsells
Add Widgets to Your Pages and Upsells

Add Widgets to your pages and upsells on WinRed

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Widgets can be added to any page or upsell to drive urgency, show impact, and increase donor conversion rates. They are a must for any donation page and upsell you make on WinRed!

Available Widgets


The Multiplier encourages the donor to give more to increase their donation's "impact." If you're looking to meet a fundraising goal, adding the multiplier along with some urgent copy to encourage the donor to maximize their donation to your campaign. You are also able to add a line of text above the widget and you can choose to multiply a donor's contribution by as much as 10.

Exit Intent Popup

Exit Intent creates a pop-up notification on the screen after a few seconds of the donor not donating or attempting to navigate away from the page. With this widget, you can make a last-minute appeal to your donor to help them stay on your page and complete their donation. The dimensions for an added image need to 600x400. You can also add a GIF to this, as long as it is 1 MB.

Amount Button Animation - The Wiggle

Adding an Amount Button Animation will draw your donors' eyes to the donation amount for which you've enabled the wiggle widget.


Create a sense of urgency for the donor by adding a Shotclock to your page. This will count down from a designated number of minutes while the donor is on your WinRed page. You can also add a donor-facing callout above the Shotclock to encourage them to give. If the clock hits zero, the page is not affected and the donor is still able to process a donation.


The Countdown displays a countdown to a specific date/time. This is a great way to rally support around a deadline or to show how close we are to the election. If the clock hits zero, the page is not affected and the donor is still able to process a donation.

Countdown to Midnight

This widget displays a countdown to midnight of the day it was added to your WinRed page. This is a great way to demonstrate the importance of a specific fundraising deadline or create a sense of urgency ahead of an important event or date. If the clock hits zero, the page is not affected and the donor is still able to process a donation.

Donation Stream

The Donation Stream widget allows you to demonstrate the existing support for your campaign, encouraging other donors to participate. You can add multiple streams at once.

The stream automatically pulls from the last few donations processed on the organization and is not page-specific. The widget may or may not include donations from the page where it is added.

This widget can be added to both landing pages and donation upsells.

Multiple Donation Streams can be added to one landing page or upsell. However, each one must be set to Live to save.

You can customize the stream and select its speed, the minimum and maximum donation amount that will appear, and any custom copy that should appear at the end of the donation stream under the Widgets tab.

You can also customize the type of donor information on the widget. Choose if this information should be random or real-time donor data.

Below that, you can choose to override the colors that appear on the stream, the default will be the colors selected from the Creative & Layout tab, and you can always switch back by hitting reset.

On the landing page, the stream will appear as shown below.

The stream will appear as shown below when viewing a donation upsell.

Donation Streams can also be added to a Video Page, where they will be displayed below the video.


The Thermometer allows you to add a public-facing goal to your donors so when they come to your fundraising pages, they can see what that goal is, how much progress has been made, and what their impact is towards helping you reach it.

Social Links

Add Social Links to encourage your donors to follow you so they can stay connected to your campaign. This widget will display small graphics linked to your social media accounts, specifically Facebook and Twitter. ​​

Once you have selected the widgets you'd like to add, you can click Save.


The Confetti Widget allows you to surprise your donors with an animation of confetti or sparkles when they select a specific button.

Multiple widgets can be added to a page's donation amounts or a checkbox, such as Money Pledges, Recurring, and Donor Covers Fees.

When setting this up, select what button should have the animation, choose an animation style, and personalize it.

As shown below, the confetti animation style will display an eruption of confetti, emojis, or images when a button is selected.

The sparkles animation style will surround the selected button with confetti, emojis, or images, as shown below.

The animation can be personalized with an emoji or your image. If emoji is selected as the style, choose one from the dropdown menu or upload an image that needs to be 50x50 and have a transparent background.

If confetti is selected as the style, choose the shape of the confetti and color if you do not want the assortment of colors to appear.

Custom Fields Results

Display the results from multiple choice, radio buttons, and checkbox custom fields on a landing page with the Custom Fields Result widget.

Custom field results can be displayed on a petition page, donation page, or an upsell.

For example, if you have a Custom Field on a Donation page, then you can put the Custom Field Results on your upsell!

Start by creating a radio button, multiple choice, or check box custom field. Custom Field Results will only work with these options.

Next, head to the Widgets tab, and select the Custom Field Results widget. A drop-down menu will appear that allows you to search for the page where you created the custom field. You can search by either the page slug or internal page name.

Select whether the poll results should be displayed as a whole number or percentage on the landing page. You can also choose to display the results of the "Other Field" on the widget; the other field represents answers that the donors submitted.

You can boost a certain custom result on the landing page, and enter a whole number to boost the results of the selected option.

Add Widgets to Your Pages

To add a Widget to a donation page, you should first navigate to a donation page. Navigate to the Widgets tab within the Page Builder.

Click Add Widget to display a dropdown menu featuring a list of available widgets.

After making a selection, you should see a preview of the Widget. The preview tool provides an accurate illustration of how the Widget shall appear on the landing page.

Add Widgets to Your Upsells

You may add single or multiple widgets to an upsell, similar to how you would for a donation landing page.

If you select Create Upsell, you'll be prompted to choose from the list below.

If you would like to add an existing upsell, just search for its internal name and select it.

Scroll down to the Widgets section, and add your desired widget to the upsell.

Once you save the Upsell, add it to your Upsell Flow. You can add as many upsells as you want to your Upsell Flow.

Edit the Order of the Widgets

Once multiple Widgets have been added to a page, you can edit the order in which they appear on the donation form.

To do this, head to the Widgets tab and click and drag the icon next to the widget name to move it to the correct spot, and hit save. The widgets will then appear on the form in this order.

Questions? Our team is happy to help! Click the red chatbot at the bottom right corner of your screen, and a member of our team will assist!

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