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MSP Integration for Non-Integrated Vendors
MSP Integration for Non-Integrated Vendors

Learn how to set up merchandise for a non-integrated vendor on WinRed.

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If a committee would like to offer merchandise through a non-integrated vendor, they do so through the MSP vendor integration.

These products can be offered on donation pages or upsells.

The guide below will go over how to set up this integration.

Set up the Integration

To use MSP, contact our team at so we can enable this on your account.

When you contact our team, please provide an email address that donors can contact about any merchandise-related questions.

Once enabled, work with your vendor to create an FTP integration to send any order information to them.

Set up the FTP Integration

Click on the green Add Integration button and select FTP from the menu.

When building the integration, label the integration name with the name of the merch vendor. Include the reason for the integration under integration notes.

Enter all of the information for the FTP integration, such as username, password, FTP address, and path.


Set the integration status to Active and save your changes.

Set up the Custom Orders Reports

Once the FTP integration is active, create a Custom Orders Report to send the MSP order information to your vendor.

Create a new custom report and select Orders Report from the dropdown menu

Give the report a descriptive name; an example would be “Orders Report - XYZ Vendor.”

Set a descriptive name for your file. In the file name, you can use dynamic variables for Year %Y, Month %m, or Day %d. One example of this would be "merch_orders%d%m%y."

Input a brief description of what this report is for and why it was created.

Select FTP as the delivery method, and from the dropdown, select the vendor FTP you previously created.

Choose the report frequency of your choice. We recommend receiving this report either Daily or Weekly.


Lastly, you must select the report conditions. Follow the exact selections below:

Report Condition: And

Select Attribute: Fulfillment House

Select Predicate: equals

Select Attribute Value: MSP Design


Once you input the desired information, hit the green save button at the top right-hand corner.

Create your Products

After setting up the FTP integration and Custom Report, you can create your products in WinRed.

Note: When creating products for a non-integrated vendor, select MSP as the fulfillment house.

Once the products are created, you can begin to offer them on pages and upsells through a merchandise campaign.

View your Orders

Merchandise orders placed through the MSP integration will appear under the Orders tab, but their status won't change and will always display as pending.


If you have questions or need clarification, please contact our support team by clicking the red chat box at the bottom right corner of your screen.

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