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Merchandise Tiers

How to set up Merchandise Tiers in WinRed's Committee Portal

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Merchandise Tiers are designed to upsell your donors by offering them multiple merchandise options on a page.

  • For example, a membership tier could offer a $5 Bumper Sticker, a $10 Yard Sign, and a $20 T-Shirt.

Please note that you must use the WinRed merchandise program to utilize this feature.

Table of Contents:

Get Started With WinRed Merchandise

To start offering merchandise products for your committee, check out our product catalog.

Have questions about WinRed's merchandise offerings or need help setting up products to sell? Contact our support team in the chat box in the bottom right corner of this screen.

Set Up Merchandise Tiers

A Merchandise Tier is a type of merchandise campaign. When building a campaign, you can add up to 5 merchandise options.

After selecting a Merchandise Campaign, you will need to name the campaign. Next, you must add the products you want to offer by using the select product drop-down. To add an additional product, click the green Add Product button. You will then need to set a price for each item.

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • You can add up to five products

  • Products cannot be offered to donors at the same price

  • You cannot save the page if you add more than one product of the same price.

  • Every product must have a price associated with it to be successfully added.

Once you hit Save, the products will appear on the page as pictured below. You will see the Number of Variants, Vendor, and Minimum Donation required to purchase. The selected merchandise items will appear in order from the lowest to highest priced item.

Add Merchandise Tiers to a Page

Once you've created your Merchandise Campaign, head to the My Pages tab and click the page you'd like to add to the campaign.

In the Page Setup tab, scroll down to the Campaign section. From the drop-down, choose the Campaign you'd like to add to the page..

After the Campaign has been added, save the donation page, and this merchandise tier will be appended.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to our team by clicking the red chat bot in the bottom right corner of your screen. We’re happy to assist!

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