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How to use panel upsells to turbocharge your fundraising

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A Panel Upsell allows you to include a variety of additional upsell actions a donor can take, all on one page. It is the perfect ending to your Upsell Pathway, as you can include Double Upsell, Conduit, Money Pledge, Recurring, Mobile Phone, Password, and Multiple Amount upsells all in one view, allowing the donor to see and complete these actions once more.

How to Create a Panel Upsell

From here, click the green Create Upsell button. A window will appear featuring the various upsell types available. Choose the Panel Upsell.

To start, add a descriptive name for the Panel Upsell.

After giving your Panel Upsell a descriptive name, write a Call to Action encouraging donors to accept the upsell.

Click Add Upsell Card followed by Select Upsell Type to view the available upsell actions.

The available upsell actions, also known as upsell cards, for the Panel Upsell include:

  • Donation Card: Allows donors to donate to your committee and or other committees

  • Double Donation: Allows donors to create a second donation that doubles their total donation amount.

  • Recurring Donation: Allows donors to opt-in to a recurring subscription for the amount of their donation.

  • Create Account: Allows donors to quickly and easily donate to their favorite causes

  • Mobile Opt-In: Encourages donors to opt-in to text notifications from your committee

Adding Pre-made Panel Cards

WinRed has pre-made panel cards for your convenience. You must reach out to our support team to activate the features. Once we've activated it for you, you can add it to your pages by:

Click on the Upsell Flows tab. From there, navigate to Create New Upsell, select an existing panel to upsell, and then select Add Preset Panel Card.

Customize Your Upsell

Add Committee: The Donation Upsell card allows you to search for and add committees to this specific card. Click "Add Committee" within the donation upsell card to search for the committee by name.

Campaigns: The Donation Upsell card allows you to include a campaign - a type of initiative that can be attached directly to a specific page, upsell, or upsell flow for tracking purposes.

Add Image: Each upsell card allows you to include an image to be displayed to donors in the upsell flow.

Using the Dynamic Amounts Upsell

The Dynamic Amount Upsell allows for the displayed donation amounts of a panel upsell to be more closely aligned with a donor's base landing page donation amount.

By setting the percentage, this upsell allows the preset donation multiplier values to be based on the donor's initial charge. For more information on how to use this, click here.

Geographical Sort

Candidate Geographical Sort surfaces conduit candidate cards to the top of a panel upsell based on the donor’s state, meaning from top to bottom will be the most relevant for the donor.

To enable this, go into your Conduit Candidate Upsell. You will see this as an option, toggle Yes.

Randomize Cards

Randomization reorders the list of committees so that those from the same state as the donor are displayed first.

To enable this, go into your panel card upsell and toggle Yes.

You can also decide if any cards should be locked and shouldn't move as well.

Locked Cards

When you toggle 'Yes' on Randomize Cards, you will see an option to add Locked Cards. This will prevent cards from being randomized. For example, by entering 2, the page will lock the first two cards to the top of the page. Locked Cards will only be displayed if the randomize cards feature is enabled.

Questions? Click the chatbot at the bottom right of your screen, and a member of our team will be happy to assist!

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