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Customize Automated Emails to Donors
Customize Automated Emails to Donors

Edit the emails your donors receive from your Committee

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There are several different automated emails that your donors receive from your committee when a donor makes a particular action.

These automated emails can be anything from a reminder to a donor who has visited your page but did not donate to a notification that the donor has an upcoming recurring subscription. You can customize these emails the way you see fit.

Create an Automated Email

Here, you’ll see six different types of emails you can customize.

Abandoned Cart Notifications

Emails donors will receive if they started a donation but did not finish it

Upcoming Donation Notifications

Emails donors with monthly subscriptions would receive when a recurring donation is going to happen

Recurring Donation Receipts

Emails recurring donors will receive per every donation

Merchandise Order Receipts

Emails that donors receive after they submit a donation with a merchandise order attached

Upsell Donation Receipts

Emails from donors who have accepted upsell after receiving their initial donations

Donations Receipts

Automatically emails the donors a receipt every time a donation is made

Customize your Email

If you click on any of these options, you can edit the emails' content.

Edit The Text

WinRed includes some suggested body text for your emails. You can edit this body copy, but we suggest you include the same information our suggested text includes (for example, giving context when a donor has accepted an upsell or providing an opt-out link for recurring donations).

Change The Logo

By default, emails use WinRed's logo at the top, but you can update these emails so that your committee's logo appears instead. Upload or select an image you want to use as a logo for each email. You can also upload a GIF (1MB size).

Send a Test Email

Once you have customized your email, you can send a test email to see what it looks like. Enter the email to which you’d like to send this test email and click Send Test Email.

Personalize your Email Using Substitution Variable

You can customize the body text and logos for triggered emails from WinRed. This includes personalizing your emails with substitution variables.

You can use substitution variables to personalize emails with details about the donor or donation. Add the substitution variables directly into the body of the email.

For example, say that you want to send a personalized message with the following, "Thank you, Alice!". You would have to use the following syntax:

Thank you, -first_name-!

-first_name- will be replaced with "Alice" automatically to product:

Thank you, Alice!

Available Substitution Variables

Here is a list of substitution variables currently available:

Page URL for abandoned cart page


Candidate Name(s)*


Donor First Name


Donor Last Name


Donor Address


Donor City


Donor State


Donor Zip


Donation Amount


Donation ID


Donation Date


Recurring Donation Interval


Recurring Donation Opt-out Link


Money Pledge Opt-out Link


Note: Candidate name will list your candidate's name and any recipients included in the donor's donation if the donation is being split.

Questions? Feel free to contact our team by clicking the red chatbot in the bottom right corner of your screen. We’re happy to assist!

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