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Virtual Terminal

Process donations on a donor's behalf within your WinRed account

Updated yesterday

Virtual Terminal allows you to securely and easily process donations within your WinRed account in just a few clicks.

This is especially helpful for high-dollar teams, in-person events, and other capacities where you are processing donations on a donor's behalf.

Access the Virtual Terminal

The following user levels can access the Virtual Terminal on WinRed.



You can read more regarding permissions levels by selecting the button below.

Head to the Revenue Tab and select the Donation subtab to find the Virtual Terminal.

Select the green Process Donation button in the right-hand corner, and a new menu will appear.

Process a Donation

Input the donation amount and select if the donation should have a recurring interval. There is an option to create a recurring donation on a monthly or quarterly basis.

Pricing is dynamic based on the amount, so donations of $500 and above use our high dollar rate of 3.2%, while donations below $500 are charged 3.94%.

Below this, input the associated donor's information, such as name, address, state, zip, and employer. This information will be required to complete the donation.

There are some optional fields as well. The donor's email is not required when donating here unless it is a recurring donation.

A phone number, fundraiser ID, source code, or campaign could also be inputted here. If a campaign that has an email notification associated with it is selected here, this notification will still occur after a donation is processed on the Virtual Terminal.

If you would like to create a new donation notification, click on the button below to learn more.

If the campaign has an email body override associated with it, the override will appear on the donor's receipt along with the contribution information, as shown below.

Input the donor's card information and decide if they should receive an emailed receipt. If an email address is inputted for a receipt, it will not be associated with the donation under the Revenue tab.

Please Note: Merchandise campaigns are not visible on the Virtual Terminal. If you would like to process a merchandise donation, please use Entry Mode.

Up to 10 email addresses can be inputted per donation. If a donor email is not entered, nor is an email notification address entered, no receipt will be sent. This cannot be changed.

If multiple emails are listed in a notification or receipt, every address will be CC'd in the receipt email. This means each recipient can see the other email addresses included in the email.


Once the required fields have been filled out, click the green process donation button at the bottom of the screen. After the donation has been processed successfully, a confirmation page will appear, as shown below.


Head to the Revenue tab and select the Donations subtab to view donations that were processed on the Virtual Terminal.

Click the filter button in the right-hand corner to view or export these donations. Then, navigate to the Product Name field under the Advanced Section. Select Virtual Terminal or Virtual Terminal (Recurring Donation) from the drop-down menu and hit filter.

Any donation processed using the Virtual Terminal will then appear with an icon pictured below next to it.

If no email was associated with the donation, WinRed will create a unique email address that will be linked to that donation and that donation only.

As shown in the example below, the email address will be formatted with donor + the donation ID, and this will be viewable within reporting.

If you have questions or need clarification, please contact our support team by clicking the red chat box at the bottom right corner of your screen.

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